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Sticky Post: Done in 2010

I tried to do one of these last year and only semi-succeeded mostly failed, so I've revamped the format to be a little less general listy and a little more specific in the hopes I'll keep it up for 2010. We shall see.


001. Green - Arthur/Gwen, Lancelot, rated R
002. Ask of You - Arthur/Gwen, Merlin, Morgana, rated G (note, shares same link as the above; scroll past "Green" to read)
003. In Searches, Found - Gwen, Morgana, rated G
004. Grow Together - Arthur/Gwen, rated G
005. Behind Closed Doors - Gwen/Arthur, Merlin.
006. Earned and Given - Gwen/Arthur, Gaius, Merlin, Leon, OCs. PG
007. Live and Let - - Gwen/Arthur, Merlin, Others in future chapters. G. (1/5)
008. Through the Dark - Merlin/Morgana (pre-ship), Gwen. G.
009. I'm sitting down chilling on gun powder - meta; Gwen: where she's been and where she's going. Part 1/2
010. Hopeful Hearts - meta; Arthur/Gwen ship manifesto
011. No Turning Back - Arthur/Gwen. G
012. A Lesson in Assumption - Arthur/Gwen. PG
013. Take a Beat - Arthur/Gwen. G
014. Like Fire - Arthur/Gwen, R
015. What Happens in Ealdor... - Arthur/Gwen, Merlin. G
016. The Gods May Throw the Dice - Arthur/Gwen, Morgana, Morgause, Uther, Merlin, Gaius, OCs. PG-13 with R-rated insinuations.
017. And with Nothing Better to Do - Arthur/Gwen, Morgana, Merlin. G
018. Hoof and Claw - Arthur/Gwen, Merlin. G
019. Of Recoil and Grace - Arthur, Merlin, Gwen, Morgana, Uther, Morgause, Mordred, Lancelot, Leon, Freya, Gaius, Igraine. Central pairing is Arthur/Gwen, with numerous shades of multiple others. PG-13. Note: This is a big bang fic, sitting at around 27,000 words.
020. Like the Wind - Merlin, Gwen, Morgana. G

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The World Changed...

And as he drove on, the rain clouds dragged down the sky after him, for, though he did not know it, Rob McKenna was a Rain God. All he knew was that his working days were miserable and he had a succession of lousy holidays. All the clouds knew was that they loved him and wanted to be near him, to cherish him, and to water him.
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Trilogy of Four - Douglas Adams, page 607
Merlin: buckethead; one of those days


I wanna talk about Merlin & The Changeling but my stuffed nose is telling me it's nap time, so I'm going to throw a bunch of recs at you instead.

The Maybe-You-Missed-These-The-First-Time-Round-and-If-You-Didn't-Why-Not-Revisit-Them-Now rec list! I'll only post the rating if it's high for sexin' or violence & they're divided into three themes: A/G, Other Ships, & Zombies.

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In other news, briefly, I spent last week employed doing overspill work in a production office (YAY MONEY), and this week with a cold (BOO).

Saturday was this delightful ball of craziness featuring a scattered meet-up with the extremely lovely starry_laa which included coffee, much interesting chatter, many tube rides and 45 minutes with la_esmeralda_. We must find opportunity for longer next time, girlie! Possibly also with less running ;) ♥! Then The Changeling happened and possibly all those in sound-range of my house were killed by the volume of crayford, la_esmeralda_ and my flailing. Also there was pizza and it was good.

Two nights ago, my mother became a (rather beautiful) graduate, I became a proud daughter, and I really need to send her a proper congratulatory card before noon tomorrow *makes note*

Interesting job prospectives arrived from places I'd actually be rather dangerously keen to work at; I applied in appropriate fit-of-nerves fashion this afternoon and will wait with baited breath to see if they deem me worthy. Presumably confirmation/rejection will come soon, as the position is meant to commence on November 1st so HJFDALK. Fingers crossed ;___;

Am now mooostly over my cold, except for snotty nose and that heavy kinda exhaustion that accompanies some winter sickinesses. Although I half blame the exhaustion on certain Vancouverites who keep distracting me into the wee hours of the morning with their chatter >.> ♥_♥

Next week brings more employment, shopping, exciting looking films aaaand museums. I've decided.

You peoples, I hope you're all doing absolutely splendidly <3333
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the weather can't make up its mind and neither can i

My dad's visit was fantastic and I miss him again already! I took oodles of videos and photos and things and will get around to posting them eventually (Ferret racing! Hilarious! Totally caught on camera XD) and was left with a list of things the length of my left leg that I want to ramble about with my dad's departure.

Rather than start in on those, though, I bring fic. Episode 3.02 coda, in which Merlin and Gwen kind-of-sort-of-maybe-a-little-bit discuss Morgana.

Title: Like the Wind
Author: kepp0xy
Characters/Pairings: Merlin, Gwen, Morgana, Arthur. Gen.
Genre/Rating: G, episode coda, drama, angst
Spoilers: Episodes 3.01 and 3.02
Word Count: ~860
Summary: At the second banquet held in Morgana's honour, Merlin and Gwen observe the recently returned ward.

Author's Notes: Episode coda to The Tears of Uther Pendragon Part 2. Spoilers for episodes 1 and 2 of series 3.

But Merlin believes she sees weight and meaning in the golden threaded diadem that sits across her brow, just as it had that first night. No longer is it a mere adornment, but the furtive declaration of cold longing.

I hope you've all been lovely, lovelies! I've been bouncing haphazardly around my flist and LJ in general, and have been trying to catch up with various correspondences, and will hopefully soon be totally up to date! Have grand Fridays, each of you, and I hope that Autumn on your side of the world is a little more decisive than it is presently being in London ;) ♥!
Merlin: bb OT4 \O/

Fic: Of Recoil and Grace; everyone; PG-13

oh my gosh it's dooooooooone *_____*

Title: Of Recoil and Grace
Author: kepp0xy
Pairings/characters: Arthur, Merlin, Gwen, Morgana, Uther, Morgause, Mordred, Lancelot, Leon, Freya, Gaius, Igraine. Central pairing is Arthur/Gwen, with numerous shades of multiple others.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~27 K
Warnings: Character death. Some dark themes. Fiddle-fooling with Arthurian legends. Working with established canon from series 1 & 2.

Summary: The shaping of a new Camelot begins with Arthur's coronation, Merlin and Gwen on his either side. But unbeknownst to the three of them, Morgana is guiding her own piece of Albion, heedless to Camelot's changing currents.

As they adjust to their roles to shape the kingdom, Arthur, Gwen, Merlin and Morgana must undergo their own trials and personal victories. Choices in private will affect actions in public, and they must each strike a balance to avoid the collapse of everything they've worked for.

Author's notes: Written for paperlegends: A Merlin Big Bang challenge. My everlasting and enormous thanks go to la_esmeralda_, anjali_organna, _autumncolours, and_i, the_muppet and especially imigination. And as they deserve far more effusive words of appreciation than I can reasonably write herein, please see my full author's notes here. Title from The Smashing Pumpkins.

Art link: Herein lie most beauteous creations by the incredibly talented and patient la_esmeralda_. Please go shower her with the praise and flail she deserves ♥

Disclaimer: Did not make Merlin. Do not make money from this either. Such is life.

Merlin was never comfortable here.

The firelight flicked along the walls, stroking and prodding the heavy ornaments which adorned the king's chambers.

Arthur, alternately restless and stock still, so angry - furious - with fear that he would lose his father. The words hung in the air as though an invisible hand had written them in cursive flame from the hearth: I'm not ready.
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today is world humanitarian day :)

My best friend, lovespring, took it upon her blessed heart to go to Haiti for the month of August to lend a hand. She did not go with an aid organization, but rather used her own funds and resources to arrange her trip. She singlehandedly organized a fundraiser from which in excess of $2000 CAD was raised, all of which is going to go to the Haitian people (my understanding is that the money can pay for a teacher for a few months at one of the local schools).

She's been there now for just over two weeks, and has been updating a blog daily: amou. "Amou" means "love" in Creole.

For anyone with any sort of interest in Haiti, I encourage you to take a look at her updates. Much of what she writes about is heartbreaking, there are some tough topics, but there is always hope and joy interlaced throughout. Her accounts are human to the utmost: honest, on the ground, witnessing that which is only hinted at or brushed over in the press. And most importantly, she is with the people, and hears their experiences, passes on their stories as well as her own.

August 9: Yesterday Natalie, Julie, and I all planned to bring Guy and Veniel’s families out to the beach. We went to Kaliko, which is very close to Carries. ... Those kids live in tents, and are such open and wonderful people. It was so nice to see them get a chance to swim, and eat, and have fun - away from the pain and busyness back home. They had never swam before, so when they found out i spoke french they all asked me for lessons. They had water going up their nose and in their eyes and it stung but they just laughed and smiled and kept trying. Their smiles. They would come and jump on my back and ask me to tow them, or hug me, and give me a kiss on the cheek. AHH it was amazing to see that. Those kids look rough, but they each have a heart of gold. It was a blessing and priviledge to see those smiles. That’s what kids should be doing

August 12: Afterwards we went to a clinic in Cite Soleil, and talked to the people there. 12,000 patients since January 12th, and no doctor. Only volunteer nurses. They were running low on supplies, so we delivered somemore. Everywhere you go, there is incredible need. When you’re not face-to-face with it, you see these collapsed buildings everywhere. When you go downtown, and you see those massive buildings just pancaked to the ground, or floors slanting down, and to KNOW that you are driving or walking past hundreds of people still buried underneath - it gives you chills. I was pretty speechless all day. But Guy, Natalie and i try to keep each other strong. Guy would turn around and say “everything okay?” and give me his hand to hold. We joke around, and smile for goofy photos. If we don’t do this, we’d all either just fall into our exhaustion, or burst into tears. And also, if one or all of us want to cry, have space, or sleep - we’ll let them. It’s important to just be human, and to be as you are.

August 17: when Guy was talking about the elections, his voice starting cracking because he was so upset at what’s happening. He said he doesn’t feel good as a Haitian. Everybody who knows Guy has been pushing him to run for office, but he wants to work on developing his philosophy and his vision first. He has such a great heart, and is such a hardworker. Sometimes, when we’re leaving school some people are like “Mister Guy, i don’t have any money in my pocket”, and Guy will give him some money for the night. He’s just that kind of guy.

I don't have the heart for humanitarianism, it's not what I'm called to do, and that's fine. I support certain causes which are close to me and I do my best to support Sara whenever and however I can. I can't honestly speak highly enough of her; not a day passes that I'm not proud of her, for who she is and for what she means to do with her life and while in Haiti. She grounds and humbles me constantly and is a fierce force to be reckoned with.

So, happy humanitarian day :) Today, please spare a moment to think of those who choose to dedicate their lives to fighting for, looking after or working with those in need. They're the salt of the earth. ♥
Merlin: Gwen

Fic: Hoof and Claw, Arthur/Gwen Merlin, G

Title: Hoof and Claw
Author: kepp0xy
Rating/Genre: G, Crack to the nth degree
Characters/Pairings: Arthur/Gwen, Merlin
Spoilers/Warnings: inspired by a 3-second clip in the series 3 trailer (clip content outlined in summary). Otherwise, nope.
Words: ~3700
Summary: When Arthur begins transforming into a donkey, Gwen visits him. Little do either of them know that her single act of affectionate sympathy sets her up for a transformation of her own.

Author's notes: Between the cracktastic clip in the trailer and watching The Sword in the Stone for the first time a couple of weeks ago, this was a crackeriffic explosion waiting to happen. Dedicated to crayford for sharing TSITS and lots of miscellaneous other with me, and to felix_aeternus because she encourages my crack addiction so enthusiastically ♥ mancalahour gets my epic thanks for being a speedy beta on this, and for her suggestion of soup ;)

She drops her chin, and reigns in her smile to something a little more sympathetic, if still entirely amused, and reaches towards the abominations on his head to give them a slow, appeasing stroke.

And he will resolutely not admit that it actually felt rather pleasant.
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I have been banned from camelot_love - for proxy-posting another user's thoughtful comment to the recent mod post. This user had no other avenue of communication with wikked_angel_78: was disallowed from PM and commenting, and I don't really see how my action is problematic, particularly given the fact that comments were being screened in that post anyway.

I mostly lament only having drafted my own response, and not having had the chance to post it :( Damn you, sleep. But - that is what PMing is for! And if I discover I have also been disallowed from PMing, then that's what public posting is for.

I will probably explain in detail later today or tomorrow, but I've got chores to do and a brass band to see \O/

:( I do hope no one thinks I'm a troublemaker, though. :/

Have wonderful sundays, darlings! ♥