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I was (uncharacteristically) reading upcoming episode summaries for Supernatural, and came across the one for 4.10 Hell's Angels:
Castiel and Uriel fight demons to save Anna who can hear angelic conversations. Dean finally reveals to Sam about his time in Hell.
- found here
Dudesy! Okay, first off, it's part 2/2 from a 2 parter and secondly: WTF AWESOMESAUCE WE FOLLOW CASTIEL SEPARATELY FROM DEAN & SAM! I really did not think that we'd ever get to know more about what Castiel is up to when he's away from Dean, other than the vague things he's mentioned already. Plus, it's going to be pretty cool to see the Supernatural 'verse from a different (emphasis different!) character's POV. We see it loads through the boys (obviously) and have got hints from everyone else. This is like... spy cam or something. *FLAILS LIKE MAD* Plus wutwut! Dean reveal. Not to mention in the episode prior, it looks like a Sammy-focus episode, title: "I Know What You Did Last Summer".

oh, and please no spoilers more than what I've just said... feel free to discuss theories based on that though & of course to squee with me!

teehee! In other news, timeblind and my epic fic is ... coming along. I seem to be having a few more problems getting a grasp of exactly how it'll progress and how the characters would go, but Vikki is great to work with, bubbling with ideas. I'm really excited to see what we end up with, and how fandom responds. *claps happily*

ETA: holy shit, i was in such a jolly mood writing this, but trying to deal with LJ's coding has given me a right bite in the ass. *ready to murderize*
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