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I fail epically for not posting yesterday about Remembrance Day; I did get a chance to shoot footage of a remembrance day celebration at a Legion though, so I hope that can count as my respects.  The atmosphere was amazing there; while the thoughts of those who had died in the service were clearly on everyone's mind, they also celebrated their memories and the fact that many were still living.  One of the coolest things I shot was this tiny little old lady dancing with her daughter.  Someone came up to myself and my journalist and said "make sure you film those two!  That's our oldest member dancing with her daughter" and it was very sweet.

I don't actually have any strong literal ties to Remembrance Day myself.  My grandparents lived and served through the second world war, but they're long gone and I never really had a chance to know them at all.  My family is not large or old enough to have anyone serving right now (by that I mean that the generations that make up my family are in between: I'm the oldest of the children and do not serve, my parents, uncles, aunts did not serve in vietnam or korea and are too old to randomly sign up now). 

Regardless, I do very devoutly appreciate what soldiers fought for in previous wars, and can only imagine the pain of those fighting now (particularly their family members).  And so

lest we forget

I mentioned in my last post (I think?) that I watched an episode of BBC's Merlin.  I've all caught up now and here are the reasons I would recommend it:

It doesn't take itself too seriously.  The show realizes that it's a kids show, based on a famous legend about the most popular king and the most famous wizard (pre- Harry Potter?) ever.  Therefore, it's funny and believable in its unbelievability.  It creates a nice universe for the characters to play in.

The acting is great and the boys are cute.  So it's set before Arthur actually takes the throne, so he's a prince in training and Merlin is the scrappy boy who's all magical and doesn't understand why.  They form a grudging and accidental allegance in the first episode, that progressively blooms into friendship that tests them both.  Their dynamic is particularly interesting because while the friendship is there, Arthur never forgets that Merlin is below him in the class scale, yet it is obvious that Arthur trusts and likes Merlin.

Seguing into the relationships on the show.  I've touched upon Arthur and Merlin's, but there's also a bunch more.  The character list includes King Uther, Arthur's father, Lady Morgana, Uther's ward and sort-of Arthur's future something?  They're a bit shady on the relationship front, Guinevere who is actually Morgana's lady in waiting which is an interesting twist to the story, finally there's Gaius, the court physician and Merlin's guardian of sorts.  All of the character dynamics are interesting and fun to watch unfold.  There's not much simplicity in their views of each other and how far they're willing to go.

Lastly, essentially the show is about creating a legend, in my opinion.  Aiming to answer the question of how Arthur, Merlin and the whole gang became the stuff of legend, so popular and so exemplary a King.  It's told through Merlin's side of events for the most part, and he is the key player: his abilities and involvement are the oil that keeps the machine of the kingdom going.  There's a strong thread of destiny and morality throughout adding depth to the stories and the characters themselves.

I think I've actually done a rather poor job of explaining why it's so awesome, but regardless, give it a go!  There's 8 episodes so far and I swear on my left foot that you won't be disappointed. :D!

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