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Shuffle Survey
1. Shuffle your iPod/MP3 player/iTunes/Whatever else you have.
2. Answer the questions by the song title that comes up.
3. Don't cheat, it makes everything more fun!

ETA: apparently I fail at reading directions. it says go by song title, and I went by a mix of song title and song content. So, if some of my answers make no sense in regards to the song title, that's probably why. *rolls eyes at self* /ETA

[One] What is your life going to be like in five years?
Song: Intro - Tresspassers William
Comments: Ehm... so something will just be beginning then?

[Two] How is your love life going for you right now?
Song: Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors - Editors
Comments: interesting. I guess that makes ... no, it doesn't really make sense HAHA.

[Three] What pisses you off most about the opposite sex?
Song: The Cybermen - Murray Gold (Who OST)
Comments: ROFL i guess this one does make sense! how robotic boys can sometimes be drives me up the flipping wall! ♥

[Four] What do your parents really think of you?
Song: Cheating on You - Franz Ferdinand
Comments: Maybe on my mother's end, but not on my dad's that's for sure. And even mum doesn't really think that way I don't think.

[Five] What do you think about the world and its current state?
Song: Over My Head (Cable Car) - The Fray
Comments: LOL WUT WUT. too true! I feel like I should be doing something, but I don't know what I can do.

[Six] What is the worst thing that's ever happened to you?
Song: The River Wild - The Killers
Comments: Ehm. I was going to say no at first, but maybe this is somewhat accurate. Interesting.

[Eight] What is your main goal in life?
Song: Someone Says - Editors
Comments: LOL definitely no, I do not intend to be some lost and lonely neighbourhood gossip topic. Nice song otherwise though XP

[Nine] What do the girls at your school think of your looks?
Song: Step Right Up - Tom Waits
Comments: I look like a carnival girl? That's nice. BWAHA

[Ten] What do you really want in life?
Song: Weapon - Matthew Good Band
Comments: Ehm. I think I'm going to go with a "you are incorrect, sah!" on this one.

[Eleven] How are you going to get far in life?
Song: Sloop John B - The Beach Boys
Comments: Always wanting to go home? That's depressing.

[Twelve] What do say when you're in a bad mood?
Song: The Way I Am - Indrig Michaelson
Comments: Hm. I'd almost say this accurate. Whack.

[Thirteen] What about when you are really happy?
Song: Petrov, Yeleyena, And Me - Flight of the Conchords
Comments: ROFLMAO! yes. I agree with this. When I'm really happy, I totally crack out. HAHA ♥

[Fourteen] What do think of yourself in general?
Song: Nan You're A Window Shopper - Lily Allen
Comments: haha well that's lame! Although, of all the Lily Allen songs that could've come up, I s'pose this is really midrange. Could've been a lot better, could've been a lot worse.

[Fifteen] What is your life's theme song?
Song: Flicks - Frou Frou
Comments: bzuh?

[Sixteen] What are you going to do this weekend?
Song: Little Brown Jug - Glenn Miller
Comments: *looks at red Sbux cup* well, the tea inside is brown?

[Seventeen] How can you try and make yourself happy?
Song: The Contest - Sweeney Todd OST (which I've not listened to, or seen, as a matter of interest)
Comments: Maybe I do try and compete against folk if I'm feeling down? How cruel and low self-esteemed of me *tuttut*

[Eighteen] What song will they play at your wedding?
Song: MIA - Foo Fighters
Comments: LOLOLOL I certainly hope not! Unless it's because my husband and I said: fuck this shit! let's elope!

[Nineteen] What about your funeral?
Song: Gifts and Curses - Yellowcard
Comments: As much as I love the song in a SPN way, I would hate that it played at my funeral. It's story is pretty brutal.

[Twenty] What or who makes you the most happy?
Song: Slide - Goo Goo Dolls
Comments: *giggles* *sighs* Yes, probs accurate.

[Twenty One] What am I even doing on this Earth?
Song: Think About It - Flight of the Conchords
Comments: HAHA! I love this song. It even has the lyrics "you're lucky if you die/sometimes I wonder why we even try" BWAHA

[Twenty Two] How am I going to die?
Song: Road to Nowhere - Ozzy Osbourne
Comments: Damn you, Supernatural & its fandom and your depressing soundtrack choices & fanmixes. I refuse to die on the road to nowhere! *determined face*

[Twenty Three] What is some good advice?
Song: Fighting the Beast - Christopher Lennertz (SPN S1 OST)
Comments: Yes! Fight your demons! That's right. *glares at previous question*

[Twenty Four] What's some advice you'd never take?
Song: Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles
Comments: Hm. A warning of sorts, I suppose. Why are all mine so angsty and depressing?! I refuse to be useless and unhappy, OKAY, MEME?

[Twenty Five] Will you ever have children?
Song: Take a Chance on Me - ABBA/Julie Walters & Stellan Skarsgard (Mamma Mia OST)
Comments: What. Now you're cheery? I don't even know what this means in regard to this quiz. *glares at iTunes*

[Twenty Six] What was high school like for you?
Song: Congratulations - Weezer
Comments: ... sure?

[Twenty Seven] How are you feeling today?
Song: Fidelity - Regina Spektor
Comments: Apparently I'm emo and lonely today.

[Twenty Eight] What's your general outlook on life?
Song: Laugh, I Nearly Died - The Rolling Stones
Comments: I'm cynical to those around me, apparently. Not true, actually. Well, to be fair, rarely true.

[Twenty Nine] What are your last words going to be?
Song: Oh What a Night - Doobie Brothers
Comments: Well, I'll go out in an emo, lonely bang apparently!

[Thirty] What song is going to be stuck in your head all day?
Song: In My Bunk - Jayne's Statue - Boom by Greg Edmonson (Firefly OST)
Comments: I highly doubt it.

okay, so in the cut text I lied when I said it was fun *scowls at meme* but ah well. I'll do it again in a year and maybe I'll have an entirely chipper song list. *glares at iTunes*

I can't believe flipping Merlin has one ep left. I was prepared for the Brit short season, but in the way that Who is short: 13 episodes. I feel betrayed at this number 11 they're going for.

ETA the 2ND: writeangel1 has informed me of the wonderful news that Merlin will indeed have 13 episodes this season! *dances* I vow never to use IMDB as a source ever again. Ever. Yay! /ETA
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