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I don't know what the problem was, but I couldn't sleep worth a hoot last night. First of all, I had issues settling down for bed, and I attributed that to sleeping in yesterday, but expected that once I had settled down, I would fall asleep immediately. Not so. I kept waking up, pretty much every hour, so by the time 4:47 rolled around, I said "fuck it" and stopped trying to sleep. I eventually got up at 5:20 and had a shower & suchnought and have now been at school since 7:20. I didn't have to be here until 8:30 D:

I'm getting a bit anxious actually, because I have to present, and if I'm not in my right mind, I could fail horribly and this damn 5-minute pitch is worth 15% of my final grade. T_T

Thankfully, I definitely had time to pick up a Starbucks, so I'm hoping my nommy peppermint mocha twist frappuccino will serve me well rather than making my nerves worse O_O!

Also, when I was walking to the SBux, I realized that I couldn't quite feel my legs because I was so tired.

........ Today is going to be interesting. /whining

In any case, hope everyone else has a better day and enjoys their weekend!!!! ♥
Tags: real life: bcit, real life: facepalm moment, real life: fail, real life: health, real life: school

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