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Title: Moonlight Serenade
Fandom: Merlin
Pairing: Arthur/Gwen
Rating: PG, Fluff/Romance
Spoilers/Warnings: nope! Just shameless fluff.
Summary: It had been a frustrating day, followed by an unfruitful meeting with his knights. Arthur had expected to find Guinevere asleep when he arrived at their chambers as the meeting had run late into the night. Instead...

Arthur brushes his knuckles along the back of Guinevere's hand before slipping his fingers through hers and tugging her to her feet.

Notes: Beta work by the wonderful writeangel1, any remaining mistakes are all mine. Thanks to timeblind for the initial look over.

Some Merlin & Supernatural fic recs to round the post off:

The finale of Merlin inspired a couple of fantastic fics:

1. Obsession by scarlettpeony, Nimueh/Merlin. A dark and chillingly good read about Nimueh's clear desire for Merlin. Rated R. scarlettpeony's summary: Nimueh wants Merlin, and it’s near to the point of obsession. Spoiler warning for the finale.

2. Let Destiny Burn by lackadaisydilly, she calls it Morgana/Merlin but I'd say it's more Morgana & Merlin, personally. I really love the descriptive prose she uses for Morgana's thoughts. Well worth the read. lackadaisydilly's summary: My own extrapolation on Morgana's behaviour in the finale because that scene between her and Merlin made my little shipper heart ache. Could. Not. Resist. This. Spoiler warning for the finale.

And one for the Supernatural fandom: fandomatemylife does a really good Castiel!voice, IMO and has created her own ... kind-of AU in which Castiel and Dean have conversations over pie eating. It sounds a bit hokey from that explanation, but I swear it works really well. She also has a fic that features Archangel Michael (I really recommend it: And God the Father (Angel and Archangel Join)) and an x-over fic with Good Omens, Castiel meeting with Aziraphale (again, really recommend, summary: Stop me if you've heard this one before - an angel walks into a bookstore and talks about the Apocalypse.). Anyway, this link takes you to her Castiel tag.

Now I'm off to pick up daddy for dins & Merlin tonight. ♥!
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