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27 December 2008 @ 01:22 am
"I'll live. You know, if we get out of here alive."  
For Christmas I got a shiny new box set of Supernatural season 3, and I finally opened it tonight to have a minimarathon. So far I've watched Bad Day at Black Rock and Red Sky at Morning because they're the ones I have the faintest memories for. I'm really surprised how much I'm enjoyed Bela the second time round, because I was not so fond of her when the episodes were airing live.

She used to annoy me because she didn't actually serve much purpose, and considering how fond I was of Ruby, I really wanted to like Bela. I didn't hate her mind you, but didn't feel she added anything to the plot or to the boys' journey. On rewatch though, I'm enjoying her. She's an interesting foil to Sam and Dean, not to mention that her and Dean's banter entertains me XD!

Now watching Jus in Bello, next Ghostfacers and jump back to Dream a Little Dream of Me before diving into the bonus features and watching the gag reel at proper quality hehe.

Ah, Show. I'd almost forgot how much I love you.
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victoria: [spn] castiel & uriel; pwn youtimeblind on December 27th, 2008 06:51 pm (UTC)
I still think Bela's kinda useless... I think they had more planned for her, and then the writer's strike happened and poof, her subplot went under.

The only episode I don't really remember is the one where Ruby calls Dean "shortbus" and he retorts with a lame "you're the shortbus... shortbus." The one with the witches. I think. DEAN/RUBY D00D.
kePPy: SPN: Dean/Ruby another time & placekepp0xy on December 27th, 2008 08:39 pm (UTC)
Oh I still think she's useless in a plot way, and the story easily could've moved along without her. The words Wasted Potential seem best applied to her. but on rewatch, she's more entertaining. Possibly because now I know she's not going anywhere.

Yeah, Dean always gets pwnd by Ruby's sass. Possibly because she's the only one to give him any. Bwahahaha. I cannae 'ship canon!Ruby with Dean... only our Ruby ♥_♥ They'd make such a pretty couple. *_*