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Shameless pimp! & a tl;dr rambly post... I must get out of White Rock *_*

Now accepting prompts! Click the button to go to the prompt post & for more info on the battle!

Come my lovely Gwen fans. Any and all pairings are welcome (ARTHUR/GWEN! ARTHUR/GWEN! ARTHUR/GWEN!) not that I'm biased or anything ;D!

In other news, I am officially sick of customers, with their stupid stupidness and their ~*~funny~*~ comments that just waste my time and piss everyone off. And please stop throwing your money at me. I am not your bitch, I am a person who does not like people throwing stuff at them, okay? Also, if I give you a bill, and it's a bit messy, why must you ask in a snobby voice for a new bill? Really, you're just going to go spend it anyway, what difference does it make? So screw you, Average Customer. Screw you.

PHEW. feeling much better now that's off my chest. I think tonight I'll dive back into Supernatural for a few more eps. It's been ages since I last marathoned it (well, I mean, before last night) and so I'm really relishing it. If only I could dig up my S2 DVDs (shh...) then I could have a big fantastic Supernatural viewgasm.

And holy crap, fingers crossed that my amazon order comes in on Monday. It was delayed due to the snow, and because the post is closed on Christmas & Boxing Day, Monday is the first day they may actually have a chance to bring it. I'm super excited to watch The Last Unicorn again and am worried it won't live up to my expectations LOL Ahhh childhood memories, how you may mislead present day realities. And I'm really interested to see Camelot... Yay musical!Arthurian legend ;) hehe.

Okay, I'll stop ramble rambling now. Hope all is well with all you wonderful folks ♥!
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