kePPy (kepp0xy) wrote,

Fic: Fruit for Thought, Gwen/Arthur, 14A

Title: Fruit for Thought
Rating: 14A
Characters/Pairing: Gwen/Arthur
Warning: None
Summary: The four times strawberries brought Gwen and Arthur closer.

Author's Notes: written for the Gwen Battle Winter 2009" prompt: Strawberries & Cream hosted by thefuturequeen. Afraid I took rather more license with the "strawberries" part of the prompt but cream does show up near the end! Title assistance to tater_mae & subheadings provided by the musical stylings of Bitter:Sweet.

'If not Merlin, is there someone else you find interest in then?' Arthur asked, slightly amused smile still on his lips.
Tags: fandom: fanfic, tv: merlin

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