kePPy (kepp0xy) wrote,

I fail at updating lately.

and in this, a flash update. Two fics!

Title: Trip
Rating: G (possibly PG)
Characters/Pairing: Gwen/Arthur
Warning: None
Summary: Arthur reflects on the limitations of a relationship held in secret.

Author's Notes: Written for 100 Fantasies hosted by camelot_love, prompt was "Leaving a mark".

He had vowed to himself when he first convinced her to take this chance that he would preserve her honour.

Title: Three People Impressed by Arthur's Injuries and One Concerned by Them
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairing: Ultimately Arthur/Gwen; OFC, Morgana, Gaius
Warning: Spoilers for Le Morte d'Arthur.
Summary: Three people who are impressed by Arthur's injuries. And Gwen, who is concerned by them.

Author's Notes: beta'd by the lovely writeangel1, any remaining mistakes are all mine. Comments are ♥ & concrit appreciated!

Arthur was fifteen, having several days past returned from his first battle.

The first posted today, the second about a week ago.
Tags: fandom, fandom: fanfic, tv: merlin

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