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Fic!!! Clearly, a slight ease in school work results in too much ficking time.

Supernatural fic

Title: Barbed Wire
Author: kepp0xy
Rating: PG13
Characters: Dean, Sam
Warning: Spoilers for Sex & Violence.
Summary/Author's Notes: Beta'd by nibzy, who I adore. All remaining mistakes are mine. While I have much love for Bobby, I was a bit disappointed that he showed up to save the day. This is basically what I was hoping would happen. Dean can see through the Siren's venom, and goes through it all just to find out the truth of what's up between he and Sam.

"Tell me again how weak I am, Sam," Dean bit out, staring harshly down at his brother, still prone and shocked on the floor.

& a Merlin fic!

Title: Camelot Enterprises 1/4: Please Don't Stop the Music
Author: kepp0xy
Rating: PG-13, UST
Characters/Pairing: Gwen, Morgana, Merlin, Arthur; pairings are eventually Gwen/Arthur & Merlin/Morgana
Words: 1877
Warning: Cracky AU!
Summary: Morgana and Gwen head to the Avalon Nightclub to dance the stresses away and Gwen ends up with a surprising dance partner.

Author's Notes: This is a cracky AU in which Camelot is a computer business owned by Uther Pendragon. Arthur Pendragon is a Junior Executive in the company, Merlin is his PA and a computer whizkid; Morgana Le Fay, Uther's neice, is in charge of Marketing and Gwen is her PA. This series is in 4 parts; 3 written by me and 1 by tater_mae. She and I have had fun playing in this 'verse, so there may be more fics forthcoming, but for the time being, we hope you enjoy these! Comments are ♥ and concrit appreciated!

Gwen pushed through the bodies to reach Morgana's side.

In other news, tonight at the theatre, my coworkers suck :( I am working with almost all the slackers - including slacker manager. Slacker Manager is presently sitting on the steps and chatting with Flirty Coworker, and actually ordered Stoner Coworker to go check on something while chatting with Flirty Coworker - meaning Flirty Coworker could easily have done it. And Stoner Coworker actually had to walk between Slacker Manager and Flirty Coworker to go do what he was ordered to do. -.-; I just feel lucky that I have some sort of automatic immunity because I'm in the box office. Gosh, people. Who'd've thought there would be politics working in a movie theatre with literally 15 employees? *facepalm*
Tags: fandom, fandom: fanfic, real life: rant, real life: work, tv: merlin, tv: supernatural

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