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20 May 2009 @ 08:04 pm
Fic: Thirteen Kisses Before the End, Merlin/Morgana, PG13  
Title: Thirteen Kisses Before the End
Author: kepp0xy
Rating: PG13
Characters/Pairing: Merlin/Morgana, mention of others
Warning: Kind-of, not-really speculation? Some fluff, some angst.
Summary: Thirteen kisses before Morgana leaves Camelot.

Author's Note: Beta'd by the ever indulgent tater_mae. First time writing & posting Merlin/Morgana, so concrit is definitely appreciated! No ficlet exceeds 200 words. Comments, as always, are ♥

He tasted like lightning.
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uranus_ge: DISNEY// Ur 'The Man' Dude!uranus_ge on June 28th, 2009 06:56 am (UTC)
Hey kepp0xy.

I’m sorry; I seem to be stalking you these last few days (weeks?). I’m not out to spam your inbox, I swear…! Just want to leave you some of that feedback you asked for, which you richly deserve for posting this dear fic up. Oh and before I forget: Thanks for reading this, I know RL keeps you hard at it *bangs table* Now, brace yourself. Hee *winks*

Merlin was teaching her something "simple." He kept saying that word as he demonstrated effortlessly, as though by saying it more frequently, it would suddenly become true. She resented her steep learning curve in a way that made her feel uncomfortably inadequate.

Oooh…. *tut tut* Her pride is rearing its ugly head. I’m glad that you’re acknowledging this attribute of hers here, albeit quite subtly. I mean, what would you expect from a noblewoman anyways? Merlin’s social class isn’t helping matters, although, poor guy can’t help it can he.

Morgana let her mind, and eyes, wander.

*huminahuminahumina* Don’t get me started on the yumminess that is Colin Morgan...! I don’t blame Morgana here at all, who is strong-willed enough to give eye candy like that the cold shoulder yo?

His features always looked on the verge of sinister

*looks at you pointedly, iz stumped*

She decided she would find out.

It’s downright sinful, how much I’m enjoying this *giggles* And so soon! He’s turned her from a blue-blooded lady to a red-blooded woman without even trying anything. But by just being. And those lips…*faints dead away*

2) He could not resist watching her mouth.

Oh Merlin…*sniggers*

*looks at you* Ya know, that scene in, uhm, where was it--? The one where Merlin walks into Morgana’s chambers unannounced even as she is disrobing? Talk about naked, liquid-hot desire in a man’s eyes.

Merlin can make a lustful, shameless stare inoffensive. I think that’s a sign of his innocence, and inexperience cos’ it’s not every day (I’m pretty sure) that he’d run into a prized, glamorous beauty like Morgana in Ealdor.

I get that kind of feeling from this paragraph here. It doesn’t ruin Morgana’s impression of Merlin cos she doesn’t feel cheapened by his lust for her. Rather I think it’s a heady experience, to be passionately desired like that. Sexual attraction, yes, but she’s appreciated for her own worth as a woman, without any of the usual labels(?) attached.

3) He had always known she was aggressive.

Here, I tried to look beyond the hawt makeout scene to the reason why she’s close to mauling the poor fella. Tell me why please => What is she asking of Merlin, without making it plain?

4) She didn't like stolen kisses.

ROTFL! Aren’t we demanding? =D

They were allowed to exist exactly as they came: creatures of magic, tempted.

I think this must be my fav line, what it all boils down to at the end of the day (literally!). What (not who) they are, and their circumstance. It’s quite a coincidence actually, how both magic and temptation have chosen the two of them, drawn them to each other.

Because she should be treated with care, not indignity.

See, this goes back to what I said earlier about Merlin and his artlessness. Only now, he is falling in love with her.

Lj hates me so this is continued below
kePPy: Merlin: Morgana smiles charmkepp0xy on June 28th, 2009 09:29 pm (UTC)
You've hardly been spamming my inbox - 3 comments is certainly not spam and all your thoughts & comments are well welcome :] I'll do my best to address your points!

He’s turned her from a blue-blooded lady to a red-blooded woman without even trying anything. But by just being.

This is exactly why they would work, I think. You touch on it a few more times in your comments, but I'll make my response to it here. Merlin has no sense when it comes to proper court behaviour - and probably doesn't really give a hoot outside of what keeps him from being killed. That would be incredibly appealing to Morgana, who I think has certain reservations about the entire court pomp and circumstance to begin with. Merlin is also a good person: he's helped Morgana, and those Morgana cares for on numerous occassions without blinking an eye or offering reason. She knows there is a certain unbalance within her; Merlin is, she thinks, almost entirely steady. When it comes to his desire, it's not tainted by want of power (he's already more powerful than any court position could make him, really) and it's not tainted by unadultered lust. Merlin sees and appreciates beauty, but I don't think anyone could think him a lady's man. He's respectful of those who deserve it, and particularly to women - possibly because he and his mother are so close. So as you say, his attentions are heady and not disgusting for her - and let's not forget, she pounced first ;)

As for why Morgana is upset in the next one: another magical death in Camelot. Morgana is always shown as being particularly sensitive when a sorcerer is beheaded/burned, but given the circumstance within which these ficlets take place (in a time where she and Merlin celebrate their magic in secret), she finds even more disturbing. Not to mention, I've no doubt, they tried or would have tried to release the poor sod, but evidently failed. Making it a more poignant loss. So hopefully, without saying exactly what she wants from him, you can infer it from the above information :]
uranus_geuranus_ge on June 28th, 2009 06:59 am (UTC)
(Continued here =>)

6) He chuckled. Her frown deepened.

*howls with laughter* I can only imagine *cups mouth* how this embarrassing scene must have played out in public, in Uther’s court, with aristocrats and landed gentry present as well.

I guess this is as close as Merlin and Morgana are gonna get to openly revealing their love affair, hm? Awh, and Merlin gets rewarded for his pains *chuckles & grins*

7) She was soft when she tasted like wine.

I LOVE this snippet into their more intimate moments, when she’s tipsy and he’s (almost) not taking advantage of her. Srsly, this was heartwarming.

Not Morgana, though. She shouldn’t have used her drunkenness as an excuse to bring her ‘defences’ down around him. She could be a lightweight, but she should still be aware of what she’s doing, what they’re doing… *shakes her head*

Merlin’s a sweetheart, though. I hope she knows that, too. It seems that she does.

8) The crack of the branch breaking across Merlin's skull sounded across the glen.

Oh noes, poor guy!

"I don't think my head is where the blood would be rushing."

I take that back. *garbled speech* Merlin! *goes red*

Oh, but that’s hot though. Damn. When are they gonna get Colin to talk dirty like that on the show? *shrugs* Prolly never.

"Too good for me."

His mouth was hard on hers, his long fingers tangling, demanding, in her hair.

She only fought him for a moment.

Sexyhotdelicious makeout scene aside, I think he must hate her preservation instinct by now. It isn’t pride that has her holding back from him any longer…its fear.

Keppy, why do you think that she is tried to hide her true feelings from him? Why did you write this trait in?

10) He was insatiable.

GUH *fans herself*

One line, just one *shivers, remembers to breathe*

She thought it was fear of breaking her, though she now knew it was fear of shattering them both.

Ah yes, you’ve now confirmed my thoughts.

Darkness lived between them, she could sense it

*grinds to a halt* Whut?

Oh yes. The obligatory dash of angst. *runs away without a backwards glance, covers her ears* LA LA LA LA I’M NOT LISTENING.

11) He knew she would leave.

This? I’m totally ignoring.

It was in her blood, rode on her tongue, danced along her fingertips, and laid as secret upon his heart.

Oh wow this was.



Stunning, sensual prose…This is what magic must feel like, inside, for the both of them.

12) She may adore him when he smiles at her like that.

Gah, don’t we all? =) Colin Morgan = ♥ Honestly, he’s perfect, just perfect(ion) for the role of Merlin.

She spotted him before he saw her, laced her fingers with his and pulled him close, lightly touching her lips to his before he'd said more than, "hel-

Oh now, you’ve redeemed Morgana in my eyes. She’s plainly confessing her feelings in this one act of love. At this point, I don’t care whether anybody else knows about their secrets, but that Merlin knows how she feels about him…and that she isn’t afraid anymore. Hooray for character growth =)

13) She would never say good-bye.

Oh, like we didn’t see that coming. Okay, okay, I’ll stop being a biatch, but really…I can’t believe this. Morgana, did you really think that you could escape Merlin? Camelot, yes, but not this warlock *sniggers*

This isn’t a happy ending, is it? She will leave him behind one night. Is that what you were trying to say here: She wondered then if he knew.?

I hope you’d try to answer all my questions. Please? =>

THANK YOU, in advance *mwah*

This was lovely, another gem! *beams at you*

kePPy: Merlin: carried with dignity (M/M)kepp0xy on June 28th, 2009 09:45 pm (UTC)
Hm. I'm not going to comment on the alcohol one, as it is purposefully left up entirely to interpretation.

However, the fic where they are arguing, Morgana doesn't resist his kiss because she's trying to protect herself; she's resisting because she is bloody pissed off, and then hurt that he would think she wouldn't care. (Which, he actually knows she would care, but he honestly believed he was in no danger in this instance, so he's touched that even in some inconsequential tussel, she was still worried). So Morgana doesn't want to kiss him, she simultaneously wants to hurl him out the window for being so foolish, and lock him in a room to keep him from danger. But underneath all that is just incredible relief that he is all right, so how can she resist his mouth for long when she's that relieved?

"She wondered then if he knew." This is the tie between number 10 and 11 - it's the moment of dismal epiphany when she thinks that his tethered desperation, the need to memorise her, perhaps it's all because he knows that she'll leave him, leave Camelot, and there will be nothing either of them can do about it.

On that unhappy note, cheers & thanks again for your comments :)