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Excalibur Fic Awards

I somehow neglected to pimp this here, although it's plastered all across the face of Merlin fandom otherwise...

Excalibur Awards
The Merlin Fanfic Awards

The Merlin fandom is ever growing with authors scattered across many comms and journals that it's hard to keep track of all the fantastic fic out there. Excalibur Awards aim to bring together a collection of the best fic from all walks, at the same time having you recognise favourites!

Any genre or pairing is acceptable for nomination (gen, het, slash, femmeslash, OT3/4/5, RPF...) except for Merlin/Arthur (in this round) as there have already been awards specific to this pairing (Merlin/Arthur Fic Awards) A note on possible exceptions is included in the Nominations and Guidelines section.

Guidelines, Categories & More Information


Nominations are open from May 30th until June 30th.
Voting running until July 30th.
Winners announced beginning on August 5th. (Possibly spread out, depending on how many nominations are received)
* Dates subject to change

That's all! Start nominating!
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