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*dusts off eljay*

I went on a shopping spree at FutureShop! Only not really, as I set my limit at $72, but that still managed me three spectacular buys that make me want to cling to my television.

Disclaimer: A total lack of eloquence lies herein.

1. Roswell - Season 1 tater_mae introduced me to this show on our Friday night visit. Okay, so I feel like I should say: it's really high school, and I know that, but I still love it way the hell more than I should. Max is unbelievably hot, with his "I love you" stare, and Liz is sweet and tries so hard, and fml Michael is a hotass and can be really frustrating but I don't even care. The rest are pretty good, and the plot is relatively interesting. I mean, it's not changing my world by any means, but it's an entertaining show that draws you in. Plus, it's ickle high school drama makes me reminisce about how high school didn't have any of that crap for me, and how thankful I am for that fact *L* (& Cait, I'm not going to watch ahead - I'll leave the set sealed and everything until we're done. omgsoonplz *_*)

2. Star Trek Alternate Realities Collection LOLZ I didn't actually think I'd buy it, but Spock was all up on the cover and I couldn't resist. I can't remember if I posted about Trek on here, but I love the movie to bits. I grew up on Next Gen and Voyager - frankly don't remember much of them - but Star Trek has always been a *thing*. Until they effed it up with Enterprise but let's not talk about that. Anyways, the movie was entertaining, fast paced, excitement/adventurey, visually stunning, and interesting. I give Mr Abrams a solid 2 thumbs up. So anyways, the movie loving experience means that I decided to splurge on the little set & re-aquaint myself with Trek a bit. Even if they are AU's. There's something like 23 episodes in the set, spanning from the Original Series thru to Enterprise blah so it'll be an adventure!

3. Shaun of the Dead - I would do a cut on this, but I somehow don't think it's necessary. ♥ you, Simon Pegg.

In other purchasey news, I bought two books about living in the UK as a foreigner (although one deals primarily with the vernacular differences between British and non-British english. It's a very interested read.) And told my coworker my plans for heading over there, and when I plan to do it. She suggested I aim to live in Camden Town. Brits on my flisty, what say you of that area? She thought it was a good place because it was aptly culturally interesting & lively and fairly reasonably priced for living accomodation. I have to do more research on it, obviously, but it's somewhere to start :]

Stoked that Merlin is starting on NBC/CTV (in Canada) tonight! I've been postponing doing my own re-watch because of it. I can't say it'll be the same, though, given it'll have commercial breaks XP! But what can you do? It'll be interesting to see if fandom explodes a bit with new American fans or if it will stay the same.

I'm picking lovespring up from the airport tomorrow (!!!!) It's been a long time, but I am certain, longer for her.

♥ you all!
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