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Gwen Battle Summer 2009 : accepting prompts!

About 6 months on from our last, thefuturequeen presents to you our second prompt battle: Gwen Battle Summer 2009!

In brief: A prompt battle is a big fanfest of creation based around prompts. This one is focussed on Gwen and anything goes: fics, icons, wallpapers, fanmixes, fanvids, drawings, paintings, songs, poems, anything. Let your creativity go wild!

For the next five days, we ask you to submit as many prompts as you'd like! A prompt can be a word, a song, a poem, an image, a concepts, a texture... Anything that strikes you as inspiring, anything you want to see related to Gwen in some way, comment with it! We'll accept any kind of prompt you give us. There's no limit to how many prompts you can submit and in fact, the more the better! Any and all pairings and character relationships are welcome XD!

Battle timeline:

July 31 thru August 5 - We're accepting your prompts!
August 7 thru August 14 - Prompts will be open to claim. We're limiting claims to 2 per prompt per type of participation (ie: 2 fic claims, 2 graphics claims). However, there is the potential to get an extra claim if the prompt you really want is already fully taken. More details in the main post linked below.
August 15 thru September 12 - The battle is on!

Leave your prompts and get more info here!
Tags: fandom: pimp, tv: merlin

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