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This is a public service announcement...

Three things of Merlin-related importance (because yes I am that much of a fangirl) ETA: & one thing of Supernatural-related importance

1) It's back September 19! HURRAH! I know this is likely old news to most of you, but I'm celebrating now none-the-less \O/!

2) Promo pics (please note: spoilery bits in a couple pics!) here and here. Gwen + gorgeous = very much yes. I can't effing wait to see where they take her this season and how they do Queen-ify her. Rock out, Guinevere. ♥


Go forth & squee :3

ETA: I present to you a Supernatural picspam by moodymuse19: Top 19 Moments in Supernatural. Though admittedly my list would look fairly different, she has some fantastic choices in there and it sort of reminded me why I love the show so much. It's taken us on a damn longass, wicked journey. Bring on September 10.
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