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backdated fake entry ish type thing

Oooookay, so I'm just gunna post it all here, and make it back-dated so that it doesn't clutter my latest entries. It was on Aug 11 (in my agenda it says in big letters "IMPALA SIGHTING" with hearts all around it (I did that at work) and afterwards I added "J+J SIGHTING" in little letters, and "Chelin came too!" (Chelin=nevlothicons). HAHA oh the love that Impala gets. ;D They were filming Simon Said Bloodlust.

The second time I ended up at a set was fluke and love. I'll keep this one short. Initially I saw the Impalas being transported on my way to work at around 11:00 am. They do it on a flat bed truck. I was just staring out the window from the bus, when I saw this truck carrying two black cars, I remember thinking "haha Impalas" and then realizng they were Impalas, then realizing that they didn't have BC plates, and "omg. those plates look blue... y'know... like KANSAS LICENSE PLATES?!?!?" which lead to me calling people to squee! Then I had to work, which was death. Anyways, my mum called me and left a message saying they were filming around 20 minutes from my house... so you can only imagine my first reaction was to call my dad (major fanboy.) who agreed to take myself and a couple of friends to the set (including nevlothicons HOLLAH!! ♥) after I got off work. So we got there around 10:30, or so, and there was a small crowd. Then the set and crew had their "lunch break" at around 11:00 pm O___________O and we just hung around (stood right next to the metallicar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dies*) and were bitched to by this random crew member x.X. Also met a few cool other fans. They came back around midnight, I think.... but they tried to sneak in and avoid the fans -.-"" they went into set in one of the transport van thingers. I remember looking in and saying "THAT'S JARED!" ... and being embarassed because I was loud. ANYWAYS. They set up some shots, and filmed some stuff, and we had to act all unassuming and like we didn't care what they were doing as to not "distract the actors". At some point, Jensen took a picture of us O________________________o?????????? Or at least, it appeared that way. Also, over the radio they said "Jensen's getting Jared" so we all thought they'd be coming over to us, but alas. For some reason they did not. Anyways, after a while, I think someone asked the on-set mechanic, or the gentleman incharge of Impala care, and we got a chance to like... go near it (HAHAHA omg. I'm getting excited just writing this) and take a few pictures. Then we were asked to go sit down again, and so we did... but then we (it was now my friends and I, and I think one or two other random fans) moved out to watch what was going on. We saw the Dean!punch. It totally came outta nowhere. We heard Sam (Jared?!) yell "DAD'S DEAD" and then some dialogue we couldn't hear, and all of a sudden *WHAM*. There was this collective gasp when it happened hahaha! Anyways, then my friend said "why did that shorter guy slap the taller one?" and we got into this whole debate about how it was actually a punch not a slap, and a few minutes later, the crowd control lady came over and said "uhm, could you guys please move over there? Uhm, it seems you're distracting the actor." ... is it bad that I took this odd pride in the fact that we distracted Jared-freakin-Padalecki? Don't get me wrong. There was also guilt. BUT STILL. Anyways, we also saw them film the scene where Dean and Sam drive off after Gordon, we were made to back far, faaaaaaar away. Then Jensen left, and they had to set up for Jared's next scene which would take another hour or so, therefore we ended up leaving at 2:00 am, and I ... stoleasetsignwhichnowsitsonmymusicstandinmyroom.

Random J^2 fact that gave my inner fangirl a most pleasant death? At one point, Jared was sitting in one of those crappy white deck chairs on one of the decks of the "motel rooms" and then Jensen sat on the ground beside him *FLAILS* *DIES* *IS TOTALLY HUGE LAMEASS FANGIRL* *LOVES IT* it was really cute.


ETA- I tried to cut this mother, but the coding wasn't working properly -.-""
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