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fruitless search but fun!

I spotted a sign on my way to work today, so my dad being the massive fanboy he is, said he'd drive a carful of fangirls/partial-fangirls/poser-fangirls around for an evening on a hunt for the set. We started at around 9:00... and drove up and down roads just off Highway 99 (Delta-ish areas- between exit ?? and the Ladner Trunk Road; just after the Masey Tunnel) until around midnight... at which point we decided that if we couldn't find the set following the signs, then clearly no one else could... so we ... jacked 3 SN signs. *innocent face* I'm amused to report that my dad was the one who supported the idea, saying that "not only are these signs evidently useless, they've clearly been abandoned and forgotten, so really we're helping Supernatural by cleaning up after them." And considering the fact that one of them is still up, I think he was right.

But whatever, just having the idea that Supernatural is filmed. here. reinforced is fun. Plus, spending the night with nevlothicons , Julie, iceri (in descending order of fangirlishness) and my dad (biggest fanboy of them all) laughing and freaking out because it was foggy and scary was fun xDDD
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