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SPN Filming?!?!?!

While heading over to an appointment I had at Campus in Richmond, I noticed all these trucks backed up and wondered why. Anyways, I know for sure it was a film crew, on this road, holding up the traffic, and I can't be certain but I would be money that I saw Kim Manners walking along towards the busy part of the set. It was a really small set up, the crew people and only a few lights and such; it seemed like sort of a rush job- and I don't blame them, I'd imagine truck drivers wouldn't be too happy being held up for long- by the time I was headed back to White Rock they were gone (I was there maybe 2 hrs later... just after busting up my iPod : ( ). Man, you know you're obsessed when you an recognize a director from a distance, eh?

Locationwise? It was about half a km from the overpass just before Masey Tunnel, on the road that parallels the highway. (I need to learn the names of these things, I really just navigate by landmarks -.-)
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