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New layout! Since I fell in love with this icon by la_esmeralda_, I've been searching a bit for a decent layout to match and I think, perhaps, that this one will do. I'll have to fiddle with the sidebar blurb to make it a bit more aesthetically appealing, but otherwise I'm fairly happy with it!

kepp0xy kepp0xy kepp0xy

I'm too tired now to get into Supernatural squee for this evening, but I definitely think the show upheld the standard they set last week. *g* I was saying to tvheartache that Supernatural this season so far is like a fantastic novel. Each episode is just one more great chapter sucking you further in ♥ (Apologies if anyone on my flist feels these thoughts are spoilerific - just let me know and I'll be sure to cut them next time) In any case, I'm liking what they've shown us and can't wait to see where it's going. Hee!

Actually, on the note of spoilers, I should probably note ~*~my policy~*~: the only show I fear getting spoiled for is Supernatural, because it somehow seems that you can find every detail of upcoming episodes somewhere on the web if you try hard enough. All other shows keep a relatively tight lid on their leaks, and whatever's out there is out because the show runners/network/whoever-in-charge felt it was all right. Hence why I've seen all the Merlin trailers, say, and read the available synopsises (that is a damn ugly word, but it is how it's spelt, according to So yes: Supernatural spoilers = bad. Everything else = fine & dandy XD!

Speaking of Merlin... *SQUEE* one more day! I can't wait for this series to start up at last. It looks fantastic! ♥ ♥ ♥

All right, I think I should wrap up this pseudo-meaningless post with a gif. Because seeing Merlin & Gwen smiling and cheering is never, ever a bad thing. In fact, it's always very good.

courtesy of wikked_angel_78
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