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Merlin & Vancouver. If only the two mixed more often...

Important things first:

Click the banner for more info! The idea is to send postcards to Angel, Katie & the Beeb to show how loved these ladies are - and to encourage series 3 to have more storylines for them (yesplz.). All the details are at the post linked with the banner. I am presently on the hunt for a flowery postcard of BC that does not include damned Pacific Dogwood.

Yesterday was a strange, "omg, I'm leaving this place" day. It was literally the perfect autumn day, as far as I was concerned. Zero degrees, sunny, cool, clean, crisp air, but no wind. So perfect. And I was presented with this glory shot while on a foot errand (it's hard to make out the water & the islands in the distance and the bright red of the trees, but it was stunning, and hopefully some of that comes through in this image):

And then had to drive all over the lower mainland collecting gear and shipping stuff. I don't actually think I'll be too homesick for Vancouver (moreso, my parents and friends) but there are a number of things I want to do before I go:

1. Eat at the Afghan Horseman again. Delicious food is delicious.
2. VANCOUVER AQUARIUM OMFG. If I don't get to do this before I go (but I will. I will make it happen) I may not be satisfied with life. I have an unhealthy love of that place (namely unhealthy because it costs about $20 to get in and is a loooong drive =X) And must also see the dolphin show. Lavern holds my heart ♥
3. Wander the seawall at Stanley Park (this and the last may be done in conjunction!)
4. Walk Robson at twilight when it's raining (with the Christmas lights, plz!) [eta: did not know Robson had it's own website. Am unsure how I feel about this, but it's convenient for this post so yay]
5. See the charity Christmas trees at the Four Seasons in Vancouver
6. Ride the RAV line (I refuse to call it 'Canada' line - does it go all across Canada? No? Then it's not a damn Canada line! /bratty obstinance)
7. See Lynn Canyon suspension bridge again. My summer visit there was less than satisfactory, what with all the people. Last winter's was perfect - drizzly weather and no one around ♥ (also - Vancouverites reading this: Lynn Canyon is free, compared to Capilano's ~$29 admission fee. Something to think about)
8. Speaking of North Van, hit up Lonsdale Quay
9. I want to see a movie downtown... In one of the old school theatres. I've only ever seen Resident Evil III in one, which is a very strange choice in film to watch d/t. So! Something better and more cultural or something.
10. Eat at the Full Moon Lao and Thai restaurant in Surrey with lovespring
11. Visit BCIT
12. I keep waffling on this, but Whistler Village. I don't think I'll be particularly upset if this doesn't happen.

... Well, that is a very doable list, actually. I thought there'd be more.

Apparently we're meant to get snow before the end of the week... Am not pleased about this.
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