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03 December 2009 @ 08:02 am
Merlin & Vancouver. If only the two mixed more often...  
Important things first:

Click the banner for more info! The idea is to send postcards to Angel, Katie & the Beeb to show how loved these ladies are - and to encourage series 3 to have more storylines for them (yesplz.). All the details are at the post linked with the banner. I am presently on the hunt for a flowery postcard of BC that does not include damned Pacific Dogwood.

Yesterday was a strange, "omg, I'm leaving this place" day. It was literally the perfect autumn day, as far as I was concerned. Zero degrees, sunny, cool, clean, crisp air, but no wind. So perfect. And I was presented with this glory shot while on a foot errand (it's hard to make out the water & the islands in the distance and the bright red of the trees, but it was stunning, and hopefully some of that comes through in this image):

And then had to drive all over the lower mainland collecting gear and shipping stuff. I don't actually think I'll be too homesick for Vancouver (moreso, my parents and friends) but there are a number of things I want to do before I go:

1. Eat at the Afghan Horseman again. Delicious food is delicious.
2. VANCOUVER AQUARIUM OMFG. If I don't get to do this before I go (but I will. I will make it happen) I may not be satisfied with life. I have an unhealthy love of that place (namely unhealthy because it costs about $20 to get in and is a loooong drive =X) And must also see the dolphin show. Lavern holds my heart ♥
3. Wander the seawall at Stanley Park (this and the last may be done in conjunction!)
4. Walk Robson at twilight when it's raining (with the Christmas lights, plz!) [eta: did not know Robson had it's own website. Am unsure how I feel about this, but it's convenient for this post so yay]
5. See the charity Christmas trees at the Four Seasons in Vancouver
6. Ride the RAV line (I refuse to call it 'Canada' line - does it go all across Canada? No? Then it's not a damn Canada line! /bratty obstinance)
7. See Lynn Canyon suspension bridge again. My summer visit there was less than satisfactory, what with all the people. Last winter's was perfect - drizzly weather and no one around ♥ (also - Vancouverites reading this: Lynn Canyon is free, compared to Capilano's ~$29 admission fee. Something to think about)
8. Speaking of North Van, hit up Lonsdale Quay
9. I want to see a movie downtown... In one of the old school theatres. I've only ever seen Resident Evil III in one, which is a very strange choice in film to watch d/t. So! Something better and more cultural or something.
10. Eat at the Full Moon Lao and Thai restaurant in Surrey with lovespring
11. Visit BCIT
12. I keep waffling on this, but Whistler Village. I don't think I'll be particularly upset if this doesn't happen.

... Well, that is a very doable list, actually. I thought there'd be more.

Apparently we're meant to get snow before the end of the week... Am not pleased about this.
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Ii_phianassa on December 3rd, 2009 06:26 pm (UTC)
Yesterday's weather was perfect!! The boy got back from vacation and said, "oh I hear you've been having gross weather like this" and I was all "... O.O ..." so I'm glad somebody agrees with me! ;)

Also, why visit BCIT?
kePPy: General: quiet morningkepp0xy on December 3rd, 2009 11:18 pm (UTC)
Dude. Yesterday and today remind me of why Autumn is my favourite season. It's just so glorious, no lie.

LOL because I went there? hahaha I gradded from BCIT in March. Well, technically in June, but I haven't been there since March. This is already guaranteed, actually, as one of my instructor's is turning 65 and they're having a secret surprise party for him on the 18. I am excited. /ramble
Ii_phianassa on December 4th, 2009 12:10 am (UTC)
haha oops, yeah I forgot! :P
~*Lissomelle*~: MERLIN: Fab Fourlissomelle on December 5th, 2009 08:23 am (UTC)
Aww, I love the postcard idea! I don't know if I have any on me, but I'll certainly consider buying some just because the women on this show totally deserve the love and support. Especially if it convinces TPTB to give them more screen time next year. *makes mental note*

Sorry if this is a total flist n00b question, but where exactly are you going? At any rate, that list of things to do looks really intriguing and I hope you have a safe trip. :-D
kePPy: General: Big Ben represents my reasonkepp0xy on December 5th, 2009 06:24 pm (UTC)
I still have to go find one *_*! I think it's a really good idea, tbh. There's a lot of merit in fan instigated projects to the producers and stuff, they've worked wonders before. And this one is so cleverly attuned to the girls that it seems a no-brainer. And plus, it works out that the girls *also* get some love ♥

No, of course! We're just getting to know each other ♥! I'm moving to London in March, so I've lots of time to get my last to-do things done, I think. It will be a very busy few months XD