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Really quick note to say that I'll probably be somewhat MIA for the next week or so. This next week was already going to be a bit busy with RL stuff, but now with the Haiti fundraising efforts (which I will re-pimp in a moment) and what I've promised people, much of my computer time will be spent writing. Which I don't mind at all; people were crazy-generous with their donations and with their ideas. I can't wait to get neck-deep in these prompts.

But, to those I owe emails: Apologies! It might be a couple more days before I get back to you. To those I owe comments: I haven't forgotten, and I will reply soon. To those talented people who have already posted their works for the Haiti pledgers: I am very, very eagerly anticipating being able to read/look at your stuff. Believe me. Don't be surprised if early next week I am suddenly commenting all over the place. ♥

To those who missed all the events of this past weekend, there are various fandom efforts to raise money for Haiti. For those of you looking outside the purview of Merlin-related things: help_haiti is one that's multi-fandom, multi-medium auction. The first auction closes on January 20, and they plan to have another later on in the season. Even if you're unable bid, if you are able to donate something, that can go a super long way to helping the people of Haiti. I'm offering fic here.

A/G lovers on my flist: threemeows organised an Arthur/Gwen thing-a-thon, where people can buy a fic or graphics or art of some kind from one of the many talented folk around camelot_love. The fundraiser opened Saturday morning, and many people's threads have been filled, but there are several generous souls still offering goods. Post here.
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