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GUYS. I'm finally done.

So for several months now, I've been meaning to do a meta-study of Gwen, but it wasn't until the Thursday before the season 2 finale aired that I was inexplicably galvanised into action. I somehow got the insane notion into my head that I could cover all of Gwen's journey through season 1 and season 2 up to 2.12, and get my predictions down for season 3 onwards, before the finale aired.

Clearly, as it's February 2nd, I vastly underestimated the task I set out for myself.

Gwen character study and story arc analysis

I completed it while taking a recuperative break from writing Haiti prompts (which, hopefully those of you still waiting can forgive this delay and, honestly, I am so appreciative of your patience). But, the upshot is, with this out of my docs folder, I feel a bit lighter, and more energized to dive back into writing people's prompts!

That said, ship_manifesto is due this Sunday, so my goal is to have two fics completed by the end of the week, plus the manifesto - but it may shrink to one fic and the meta.

1) Arthur/Gwen ship_manifesto essay
2) imigination Camelot loves Haiti fic
3) jyellow13 Camelot loves Haiti fic
4) _autumncolors Camelot loves Haiti fic
5) neptune47 Camelot loves Haiti fic
6) robinmarian Camelot loves Haiti fic
7) robinmarian help_haiti fic
8) thingathon A/G fic

After this week, my goal is to steadily work through two fics per week until completion \O/ That may drop to one fic per week, as my countdown clock tells me it is 37 days until England (to which I have a minor panic attack) and various preparatory necessities may detract from the time I spend writing. BUT. I'm going to work my tail off to get the remaining fics out as quickly as possible.

One other thing I want to say is that I've been terribly remiss in commenting on my flist and fandom things, and I plan to rectify that.

... Because I am VERREH NERVOUS about the meta, this post seems RIDICULOUSLY formal to me, and so I leave you with some utter silliness. (the last gif is actually vry srs, as it's representational of my feelings for all of you ♥_♥ [though perhaps slightly less creepily. But only slightly.])

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