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Title: Indulge Inside of Bliss
Author: kepp0xy
Characters/Pairings: Gwen/Arthur
Spoilers: Certainly not... Unfortunately
Genre/Warnings: Sometimes funny, sweet, fluffy, gentle first time smut.
Rating: a delectable NC-17
Summary: After their wedding, Gwen and Arthur go to bed for the first time together.

Author's Note: This fic is 100% inspired by the sweetness and innocence of Arthur and Gwen's first kiss in episode 2.02. It took me longer to write than the average smut fic, so I hope you all enjoy it :] Beta'd by the lovely ruby_caspar, any remaining mistakes are all me. Comments are ♥ & concrit appreciated.

Admittedly Gwen had been lacing and unlacing ladies dresses, professionally and personally, for decades, but she still felt that Arthur was taking longer than strictly necessary. And by the feel of the stays still confining her tightly, he'd not even managed to loosen one tie.

It was driving her a little mad, truth be told. With each brush of his fingers across the line of her dress which passed softly over her skin, she wanted to giggle wildly; every breath he took breezed over her shoulder, sending delightful chills down her spine; when he did tug at a lace, shifting the dress nearly imperceptibly, Gwen felt in her bones exactly where this was leading - at last - and wanted desperately to have it happen.

She knew it was partially her fault that he was trying to be so careful. The dress had been ordered for her by Morgana, the two of them had spent hours deciding on its design, and while Gwen was perfectly content with the least expensive of materials, Morgana would have none of it. The mistake was thus: she had confided in Arthur that she was secretly pleased it would be made of silk and velvet with beaded designs, and so he vowed not to damage it at all.

Gwen had thought he was joking - what damage could be done, for one thing - but now that he was standing behind her, taking what felt like hours to simply undo her bodice, she had to wonder if he hadn't been entirely serious.

Biting her lip, Gwen turned her head to try and see him over her shoulder. "Arthur?" she asked softly, glimpsing the motion as his head tipped up to look at her.


"Just - is there a problem?"

His fist went to his mouth and he awkwardly cleared his throat and Gwen looked forwards quickly so he wouldn't see her amusement.

"No," he said after a moment, and if Arthur had been one to blush, Gwen would have been imagining him doing so now. "The laces are tighter than I ... expected."

"That's funny," Gwen said lightly, trying to keep the bubble of nervous excitement under control by teasing him. "I was certain they'd been tied normally."

"Unbelievable," Arthur muttered, sounding so utterly bewildered that Gwen did laugh then.

"I can help," she offered, raising a hand behind her, only to have him grasp her fingers tightly. There was a pause in which it seemed he would push her hand away, but even just having her fingers held was sending her heart rattling wildly in her chest and it seemed Arthur felt the same as he hesitated.

She swallowed and turned to face him. Gwen looked at him from beneath her lashes to find that Arthur was staring at her with the soft look which she was always a little surprised to know was saved for her alone. She wiggled her fingers still trapped between his, and Arthur blinked in surprise, glancing down at their hands before twisting his so that their fingers linked instead. It was a little awkward to be reaching between them, but Gwen couldn't bring herself to pull her hand free and so stepped close to him, pinning their hands between them instead.

Arthur's body curved naturally to hers when she leaned into him, and his face lowered to meet her lips as she tipped her chin upwards. Gwen softly moaned her approval as his free hand moved to hold her face, sending her own to wrap tight around his middle. It only took a few seconds for the chaste kiss to become heated, Arthur tilting his head for better access as Gwen used her lips to part his.

Dragging his hand free from between them, Arthur sent his hands down to her hips, pulling her ever closer to him, before sliding them up along her back. With a thrill, she felt as he began to work at her laces once again, and wrapped her arms around his neck, nestling her fingers into his hair.

Just as she'd begun to really lose herself in the kiss, her bodice began loosening, the ties dragging slowly across her back until none were left, and Arthur's hands were at her waist as the cool air from their - their, she thought, a little giddy - chambers breezed at her exposed back.

He pulled away from her a little, ducking in to press three more whisper kisses across her mouth before murmuring, "Apparently, I didn't need to see what I was doing."

"Laces can look daunting," she said breathlessly. She could feel that her lips were curved up in a smile, but her blood was racing through her veins at the speed of the race horses they'd seen the previous spring. With each breath she drew, her bodice moved strangely against her body, loosely held as it now was.

Tipping his head to one side, Arthur cocked a brow and pursed his lips. "You haven't lied to me in a long time," he said thoughtfully, glancing to the ceiling as though considering. "Actually, you haven't ever lied to me."

Laughing at his expression, Gwen corrected, "Well, once." Arthur frowned as he thought back, before Gwen finally rested her palm against his left shoulder where scars from the questing beast's bite were hidden beneath his shirt, and a small smile turned his lips as well. "Of course," he said softly in response, lifting a hand to brush a curl from her cheek.

Then he took a small step back, and Gwen's hands flew instinctively to the front of her bodice as his body no longer pinned it up. Arthur's eyes widened in surprise, then he dropped his head with a chuckle. He glanced at her, understanding, from beneath his fringe, and though he opened his mouth to speak, Gwen shook her head slightly. Holding his gaze, she moved slowly and carefully to slip her arms from the sleeves while still managing to keep her chest covered.

Her arms freed, Gwen took a deep breath - ignoring how it sounded a little shuddering - to ease the roaring thump of her heart before releasing her hold on the front of her dress, watching Arthur's face closely as the gown fell to pool around her feet.

Her skin seemed to burn wherever his wide eyes roved, moving quickly up and down her bared body and then slowly rising to repeat the journey down, more leisurely this time. She giggled when his lips parted as he stared at her chest, and he grinned distractedly, almost automatically, in response. Gwen could barely watch when he moved on, his eyes travelling lower and growing darker, making her breath hitch in her throat. Her whole body felt taut in anticipation and waves of warmth were rolling through her from between her thighs.

It wasn't that these sensations were entirely new to her, but never before had she felt them with the possibility of actually satisfying the desire.

"Gods, Guinevere..." Arthur groaned. Goosebumps flew across her skin at the reverence in his tone and she swallowed thickly, offering a small smile when his eyes finally rose to find her own. "You're..." He paused and offered her a helpless shrug before he took a step closer to her. She sucked her lip between her teeth as his hand landed on her arm, watching as it slid slowly up to her shoulder to cup her jaw lightly and tip her face up.

She rose to her toes, meeting him halfway, as he lowered his head to kiss her. Indulging in a gasp when his tongue swept into her mouth, Gwen flicked her own against his and Arthur groaned.

It was she who broke the kiss, breathing a little heavily, and sharply feeling the cool air of their chambers. She could sense the bed behind her, as though it beckoned to them, making her suddenly struck by how very many clothes Arthur still wore.

"You're still dressed," she said flatly, and Arthur's laugh seemed to stroke across her skin like a summons. "It's not really fair," she continued, reaching a little shyly for the hem of his shirt. Arthur captured her hands instead, raising them quickly to his lips to press light kisses to her knuckles before dropping them and stepping back.

His expression turned a bit mischievous, although wonder and desire were still the primary emotions lighting his eyes, and he smirked. "This isn't anything you haven't seen before," he teased, quickly losing his shirt and tossing it over his shoulder. Gwen had indeed seen his chest, on several occasions, all of them unpleasant, and so it was as though she were seeing him for the first time.

"Wait," she murmured as he reached for the ties on his trousers, and she sent her hands exploring, finding the outline of muscles across his stomach, tracing the curve of his ribs. She could feel his eyes on her, though she didn't know if it was her face or her body he sought.

But as Gwen came to the scar of the lance point which almost robbed her of him, right at their beginning, she bent quickly to press her lips softly against the mark. His sharp intake of breath created a new field of goosebumps across her flesh, and she saw from the corner of her eyes as Arthur's hands twitched. She rose then to her toes, glancing up at him to discover his eyes had closed. His chest heaved when one of her hands rested across his ribs, the other wrapping around his shoulder and he gripped one of her hips as though for balance.

Gwen dusted the duplicate marks from the questing beast in feather kisses before lowering herself down again, waiting for him to respond. Her hands were still stuck firm to his skin, which felt sweltering beneath her palms, and she thought it impossible she hadn't noticed how hot he was from their previous embraces, innocent though those had been. His hand on her hip was warm, too, and she almost jumped as it started to rise, tracing the curve of her hip and the dip of her waist before stopping just beside her breast.

She didn't realise her own eyes had closed until Arthur's nose brushed against hers, the breath sliding from his parted lips to dance across her chin. "May I?" he breathed once her eyes found his. Gwen discovered she couldn't quite make herself speak, so simply nodded, gasping loudly as his thumb brushed over her nipple.

Arthur pressed a quick kiss to her lips, before ducking his head to her chest. He hesitated only a moment, and Gwen watched wide-eyed as his lips closed around the nub, giving a gentle suck before pulling away. She wasn't sure if she'd cried out, but her whole body was tingling, and never before had she felt the sort of pleasure he now gave. Arthur's eyes were dark and never left her face as he breathed heavily, moving his head to her other breast.

Certain she'd cried out this time, her body jolting towards him with the sensation, moisture pooling quickly between her thighs, Gwen's hands found his jaw and she pulled him up to her for a long, deep kiss.

His hands began moving, gliding across her body, palming her breasts, lightly pinching her bum, stroking all over her back, and as the moans leaving their throats grew louder, Gwen pressed herself close to him, relishing the feel of his bare chest against hers. The motion was a catalyst, both of them seeming to decide simultaneously that Arthur wearing trousers was completely unacceptable.

"This is counterproductive, Gwen," Arthur muttered, as their hands both tangled eagerly at his ties. Feeling entirely unapologetic, Gwen turned her attention to his mouth instead, pinning his cheeks between her palms and guiding his lips to hers. "So is that," he somehow managed around her kiss, but Gwen didn't stop as he pressed his mouth harder to hers.

She grumbled in disappointment when his hands gripped her shoulders moments later, holding her back a short ways. But as realisation dawned, Gwen licked her swollen lips, swallowing thickly before letting her eyes drift down.

The sight of Arthur, entirely naked before her, stole her breath from her lungs. It tightened her chest, and had desire rushing through her as rapids in a river; she wondered if ever she would see him this way and not be awed by the sight. Arthur was tense, his chest moving frantically as he gasped for breath and she knew he was watching her face intently as she had watched his.

Understanding his earlier reticence in the face of her own nudity, Gwen stretched her hand out, brushing her fingers along his erection. Arthur tipped his head back, a low groan vibrating free from his lips and she stroked her fingers down in order to wrap her hand around him. "Arthur," she murmured, wondering how it would feel to have him moving within her. He gasped when she squeezed him gently, and his hands on her shoulders tightened convulsively.

He pulled her against him, and Gwen's heart was pounding in her ears as she focused on every inch of Arthur's body pressed up to hers. She kissed his chest and he kissed the top of her head, and she couldn't seem to still her hands as they ran across his body, feeling all of him and not quite getting any solid sense of satisfaction. She only wanted more. Arthur's mouth still moved on her head, but his fingers were doing something with her hair, when suddenly she heard the tinkle of pins hitting the stone beneath their feet and her hair tumbled free over her shoulders.

With that, Arthur buried his hands in her hair and tugged her face up. Gwen was gasping in moments; he had kissed her hungrily before, but she had known he held back. No longer. Any hunger and desire he had felt in the years leading to this point was being poured into the kiss he gave her now, and Gwen felt heady and hot and wanted.

Leaning into his chest, his moan as she rubbed against him was enough to shatter her control; Gwen wrapped her arms tight about his middle and up around his shoulders, shifting minutely along his body as pleasure and desire sparked from varying points of contact - lips, breasts, thighs, tummy, elbows, everywhere.

His mouth moved wetly to her neck, his hands sliding down her back to grasp her bum, pulling her against him. "Arthur," Gwen gasped, pressing her face into his neck as his fingers moved lower, crawling between her thighs to dip into her folds and slide across the wetness there. Lightning bolts of pleasure shot through her and Gwen grasped desperately at his back when his mouth nuzzled her shoulder, his fingers still exploring gently.

Arthur found her entrance, slipping a finger carefully inside so that they both groaned loudly against one another. She felt as though her entire body was throbbing, and Gwen tipped her head back to suck in sharp breaths as Arthur wiggled his finger around within her. He was mumbling something into her shoulder that she couldn't quite hear before he withdrew his hand entirely, leaving her trembling a little.

A trickle ran down her thigh and her nostrils were met with the scent of her own arousal as Arthur placed his hands on her hips, beginning to walk her back towards their bed as he kissed all across her face. "It might..." he whispered as soon as her thighs hit the mattress and he lowered his face to look her closely in the eyes. His expression was a little pained as he watched her, unwilling to complete the sentence.

She smiled softly; her brave king, so terrified to hurt her. "I know," she whispered back, hugging him tightly to her before pulling away. She turned, lifting the covers and sliding beneath them, Arthur following quickly. He rested next to her first, so Gwen rolled onto her side to face him, and immediately his hands were cupping her cheeks, guiding her face to his once again.

Gwen scooted closer to him, trying to fit her body to his, awkwardly positioned as they were. Arthur felt so much warmer beneath the covers, the blankets above and sheets below radiating their combined heat back to them so that Gwen could feel sweat forming quickly across her body. His skin was such a new felicity that her hands moved ceaselessly across him, her palm smoothing his stomach or her fingers dancing the line of his hipbones leading her -

"Guinevere," he moaned, and to her ears it almost sounded like a warning. But she was curious, and lusting, and the pleasure of his finger twiddling inside her was still fresh in her mind, making her wonder if she just rubbed her hands along his length, if perhaps he would feel as she had.

But Arthur gently gripped her wrist and pushed her hand away before leaning into her until she was forced to roll onto her back. He was hovering above her then, his mouth pressing teasingly quick kisses to her lips. Gwen was panting against his mouth as Arthur sent one of his hands down her body, moving achingly slowly across her stomach before tickling the sensitive flesh hidden beneath curls just above her apex. Gwen began squirming and giggling beneath him, Arthur's mouth swallowing each giggle with lips curved in a smile.

With each wisp of his fingertips, Gwen's body seemed to tighten further, and it was as though Arthur could sense it, their laughter turning quickly to panting as his hand slipped lower to cup her. He gently massaged her with the heel of his palm before his finger stroked against her again, probing delicately.

Gasping, Gwen's fingers closed tight around the back of his neck when he slid his finger inside. Different, this time, from when they were standing, Arthur began sliding his finger in and out in a slow rhythm. It felt utterly delightful, and her hips began to meet the pace he set without her having thought of it. She groaned into his shoulder with each inward movement, and Arthur pressed his forehead into the pillow just beside her head, breathing heavily.

After a few moments like that, he carefully inserted a second finger, shocking her enough to make her arch into him. The rhythm he set never faltered, and Gwen was nearly whimpering for something to change, though she wasn't sure what exactly. "Arthur," she whined, extending the end of his name like a plea.

A puff of air like a chuckle blew across her chest and Arthur muttered, "I've never heard you whine before." And even as a third finger joined the first two, Gwen didn't care if she whined or pleaded - it was not his fingers she desired.

"Arthur," she breathed again, lifting her leg in the hopes of bumping him. His whole body stiffened momentarily, and the feel of him hard against her sent powerful bolts of want through her. "It's time," she gasped. Arthur lifted his head to look at her, and whatever he saw on her face pushed him to action. He withdrew his fingers languorously, almost tortuously, before moving himself to lie over her.

He kissed her thoroughly, almost as though trying to distract her, as he pushed her legs apart to make room for himself. His rough palms against the soft skin of her thighs was hard to ignore, let alone the shocks of pleasure such contact sent shooting through her, and Gwen lifted her leg a little, to experimentally rub her knee against his hip. "Guinevere," tumbled from his lips as he reached one hand up to smooth her cheek, his other holding her hip in preparation.

"I love you," she whispered and Arthur nodded jerkily, looking a little anxious.

"I love you, Guinevere," he said strongly, not whispering, but saying it like a pledge. They kissed quickly once more before Arthur brushed up against her, and then pushed inside.

The pain was powerful and momentarily consuming. Gwen's eyes were squeezed tightly shut, her hands wrapped in death grips around Arthur's upper arms, and she only just felt the tears slip from her lids before Arthur's mouth was there, kissing each one away. A low murmur began in her ears as he uttered soothing words in a strained voice, and if the pain weren't so severe at the moment, Gwen's instinct would have been to sooth him in return.

"It will pass," he was saying softly, the hand not on her hip stroking lightly over her cheek and neck. "It's okay, Gwen." And it was passing; she tried to relax her muscles, all of them tense as they were, which seemed to help. "You'll be fine."

She swallowed thickly, and forced her hands to loosen their hold, focusing instead on Arthur, how close he was, that they were married and at last able to be together without shadows of doubt. That coming to this bed, and learning his body as he learned hers - with this thought, whispers of pleasure and want permeated through the pain - would be something to happen for many years to come. That she could kiss him whenever she pleased - so she did, his startled grunt almost making her smile, even if the kiss was a bit messy - and see him every morning as he rose, disgruntled or happy or still exhausted.

She broke the kiss, leaning back against the pillows a little tiredly, and shifted her hips delicately. There was some pain, but mostly pleasure at the way her movements affected his body against and within her. She was gasping when she sought out his eyes, murmured, "there are no words to describe how much I love you," and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"You're okay?" he mumbled into hers, tone relieved, and the fingers he had on her hip, presently massaging her lightly, were sending lines of goosebumps dancing across her skin.

Her heart was pounding again, anticipation tightening her chest and thickening her throat. "Mmhmm," she managed before Arthur began to move.

She became lost in the rhythm of their bodies, the way hers seemed to easily match his, even when he increased the pace. Pain was a distant memory lost to the sensations of him sliding in and out, or her body moving across his as little pleasure bursts had her arching and moaning into him. Arthur couldn't seem able to stop kissing her, her face was covered in the damp marks of the sweat or saliva staining his lips and Gwen's hands kneaded desperately across his shoulders.

Her body was tightening, the pleasure starting to make her tremble and Gwen found herself calling his name like a mantra with each pass of his body. It made his kisses messier on her cheeks, their movements more frenzied and soon all he could muster was a constant hum of grunting the word, "Love," against her ear.

Gwen had never felt this; desperate and tight and oh the pleasure break was just there if she could reach it. Arthur's hand disappeared from her hip to reappear against her folds and his finger found a point she'd never known, which caused her whole body to strain against his as she was nearly overcome with the sensations.

"Re-lease, Guin-e-e-e-vere," he bit down hard on the r of her name, and Gwen gave up control, the shredded thread she held on her mind snapped. Rapture washed over her as waves crashed on the shores of the western sea and she was lost to it.

Arthur's hoarse shout of, "Gwen!" brought her back, followed as it was with a rush of warmth in her body that had her heart throbbing excitedly. His face was above her, eyes pinched shut, lips a relaxed o of satisfaction, and she regretted - only a little - not having witnessed this first breaking of his pleasure.

When his panting started to ease, his body relaxing - almost slumping into her, really - Gwen ran her fingers through his fringe, tussling the sweat-soaked hair. A small smile curved his lips and so she touched those next, tracing the lines of them. Arthur's eyes opened, their blue light once again, and he looked so happy and satisfied and in love with her that she had to laugh in delight.

He took advantage of her open mouth to kiss her deeply. This was slower, more attentive and affectionate than their earlier kisses so Gwen slipped her fingers into his hair to keep him where he was for a while.

When they both needed to breathe, she let him go and the curious sensation of him moving out of her, no longer hard, distracted her for a beat. But he rolled beside her then, slipping an arm around her to pull her against him before his mouth was on hers once more.

So they stayed for a few minutes before Gwen yawned hugely even as his tongue stroked across the roof of her mouth. Arthur started laughing then, breaking what was left of the kiss to nuzzle her nose. "Do you know how stunning you are?" he murmured as Gwen curled her body into his, relishing the warmth his body gave to hers and how perfectly he seemed to pillow her cheek and each curve that followed after.

"Are you always going to be charming after we make love?" she asked sleepily, running her hand lazily across his chest. "Because I may not get used to that."

"I'm charming!" She giggled at the defensiveness of his tone. "I am charming!" he insisted, and she could hear him pouting.

"You are many things, love," she said, and she heard him sigh happily at the use of her pet name, even if he was still feigning indignation. "But naturally charming is not one."

He made a noise in the back of his throat as though he were considering this fact, before asking, "So what am I then?"

Gwen laughed and what she had intended as a slap turned into a light pat as she yawned again. "I'll tell you in the morning," she murmured sleepily. "Right now, I'm looking forward to hearing those pig-snores again."

"Guinevere..." Arthur whined sternly and she was laughing again, adoring the feel as he lifted his face to kiss the top of her head, as his hand stroked along her back and his other hand linked fingers with the one she'd draped across his chest. "All right," he finally said, in the tone of someone conceding to something grave. "We'll discuss all this in the morning."

"I'm sure we will," she mumbled. Sleep was tugging at her entirely now, each limb, each thought...

But she did hear as Arthur, always needing the last word, said softly, "Rest easy, my queen... My heart."

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