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Title: Behind Closed Doors
Author: kepp0xy
Characters/Pairings: Gwen/Arthur, Merlin
Genre/Rating: NC-17, PWP, humour
Spoilers/Warnings: no spoilers; there is some sexing though
Words: ~2400
Summary: Arthur returns home after a long time away to find Gwen waiting for him. Only problem is, Merlin isn't too far behind...

Author's Note: wikked_angel_78 had a very specific request for her fic at the Camelot Loves Haiti Thing-a-Thon. But to repeat it here would give everything away >;] I hope this is what you were looking for, M! Thank you so much for your generosity. ♥ And thanks to mancalahour for the superspeedy betawork!

Guinevere is waiting in his room when he returns from the bath, and though Arthur knows Merlin is trailing somewhere behind him, he is also too aware that he's been gone for nearly six weeks.

So, shutting the door behind him, he takes her hand and brings it to his lips. A kiss of greeting that he knows will make her blush with bashful pleasure to be treated in any way like a noble lady - though she will not ever openly admit it. Then he turns her hand to place a more lingering, affectionate kiss to the inside of her wrist. He looks up to find her smiling slightly.

But when he moves to lead her to sit with him at the table, Gwen pulls him up short. Her fingers brush a gentle line beneath the gash on his forehead, her thumb hovering above the mark on his chin.

"Anywhere else?" she murmurs, and there's an unusual anxiety in her eyes that pangs a warning in his chest. Something happened to distress her while he has been away.

So he nods, a little stiffly, but offers her a smirk to counter the worry. "Just some bruises," he responds quietly, indicating his ribcage. "Hardly anything to be concerned about."

He watches as Gwen stares fixedly at the spot he had gestured to, before her eyes flick up to meet his. She licks her lips, and then surprises him, urgently tugging his face down to meet hers. Her kiss is far more fervent than he anticipated; Guinevere is usually the calming force between them, the one to keep them from losing control at inopportune moments.

With that thought, he pulls back. "Merlin's got to be nearly here."

Arthur waits as she swallows, her eyes flicking searchingly across his face. His relief is so strong he's nearly embarrassed when she whispers, "I don't... I mean, I care but I don't really care," and uses the fingers still tangled in his hair to direct his mouth to hers once more.

But it is only when she slides her hands down from his head, stroking his neck in just that way, and then wraps her arms tight around his neck that he truly comes undone. They both grunt in surprise when Gwen's back hits the door, sending a mighty tremble through the wood.

He likes how she strains against him as he sucks and nips at her neck, her fingers scrabbling something along the line of his shoulders before disappearing entirely. He hears the click of the lock, and mumbles his thanks before lifting a hand to cup her breast through her bodice.

She writhes a little when his thumb massages her nipple, and when he awkwardly grinds against her, her moan vibrates through his lips like an invitation. But it is her fingers working awkwardly at the draw of his trousers which sets him alight.

"Guinevere," he mumbles between kisses. Each one is messy, wet, but he prays that she understands everything beneath his desperation. Six long weeks without her voice, or her thoughts, or her eyes, or the warmth of her lying beside him.

True, they rarely indulged in any kind of physical act when he was in the palace, but the time between was never longer than a few days. And at least, in those days, he could still hear her speak, see her smile.

He had been bereft.

The instant his trousers fall around his ankles, his hands are on her hips. They break apart and watch each other; he studies the flush on her cheeks, the way a curl sticks to her temple and adores how her eyes seek his out as she wraps her arms across his shoulders to pull herself up.

Her skirts get tangled between them, and his frustrated chuckle blends with hers. "It's been a while," she breathes against his neck, clinging to him as he uses one hand to force the offensive material away.

"You don't say," he whispers back, skirts finally hitched over her hips. Their position is awkward, and every movement sets a thump or tremble through the door. They're taking such a risk, doing this here, with Merlin surely nearby, and yet...

He rests his forehead against the door for balance, pleased with the view it affords him of her slightly sweaty bosom, still trapped teasingly within her bodice, and indulges in the moment to stroke his hand up her inner thigh.

She squeaks in surprise and he stills. But she shifts her hips in obvious invitation, and simply murmurs, "Calluses," in explanation as he strokes higher.

She presses against his hand, leaving a slick mark on his palm, and then turns her head slightly to kiss his ear.

They both groan loudly when he pushes into her. Arthur doesn't believe he had forgotten this; how it feels to be so deep inside her, surrounded by the wet heat of her, breathing in the flowery musk wholly belonging to Guinevere.

If he glances at her, he knows he'll find her biting her bottom lip, her eyes wide and needy as he begins to move. Just as he's about to enjoy that expression, the door handle rattles, then there's a thump as someone bangs into the door, followed by a muffled exclamation.

"Merlin -" Gwen hisses, and Arthur bites back a groan of frustration by nipping her shoulder.

The timing ends up being ideal, as Gwen's cry of surprise is masked by Merlin saying, "Arthur? Why's the door locked?"

Arthur makes to move away from her, but Gwen grabs urgently at his shoulder. "If we're quick..." she whispers. And there's the look: her eyes so appealingly wide and dark with want.

"And quiet," Arthur amends, as he withdraws.

"Yes, quiET!" she cries out as he slides into her again. Arthur kisses her to quiet any further cries, but it's too late.

Merlin's sharp knock comes just as Arthur pushes into her again, and they ignore him. Gwen's legs tighten around him, drawing him nearer.

Arthur thrusts; Gwen pants into his mouth; Merlin knocks again.

Gwen arches as best she can, taking him deeper; Arthur groans loudly; Merlin calls, "Arthur?"

The door handle rattles noisily; Gwen sucks his lip into her mouth; Arthur cups her bum, causing his knuckles to wrap against the wood with each thrust.

Arthur rests his forehead against Gwen's; her eyes open to meet his. He can see it now, how close she is, with her eyes so hooded; he can feel it, too, in the tightening of her around him, in how wet she's become.

Gwen sh's him when he moans her name, lacing her fingers through his hair and rolling her hips against his more urgently.

"Arthur!" Merlin shouts, his fist slamming against the door, somewhere close to Gwen's right shoulder. "Are you all right?"

But Gwen's beginning to tremble, clutching at him, biting her lip to muffle the sharp sounds coming from her throat.

Seeing her this way... It's almost enough to just... "I'm going to -" he gasps and her fingers tighten on his shoulders.

"Quietly," she hisses, but he isn't sure which of them she's talking to. Gwen tilts her head back, gasping towards the ceiling as her body tightens, shakes... Arthur takes the opportunity, attaches his mouth to her throat, suckling hard.

"Arthur!" the simultaneous cry of two voices blend, and Gwen heaves, sliding her body across his as he feels her release all around him.

He pumps into Gwen twice more and with a tightening in the pit of his belly and a rush of ecstasy, he follows her with a low shout.

One part of Arthur's mind registers the incredible thump on the other side of the door, followed by a pained "OUCH!"

Then Gwen giggles.

Arthur tips his head up from where he had been panting in the crook of her neck to find her grinning bashfully.

"We shouldn't have done that," she whispers, laying her palm against his cheek. Her fingers tease the damp hair at his temple and he closes his eyes briefly at the caress.

"It's exactly what we should have done," he corrects. She smiles widely, and it was the smile he had been missing. It's idiotic, he knows, but there's a part of him which truly believes that as long as Guinevere smiles at him like that, nothing can go too terribly wrong.

Arthur ducks forward and kisses her, slowly this time, as he had expected from her earlier. Just as he begins to get lost in it, Merlin's fist slams demandingly against the door again, right next to Gwen's head, jarring them both.

"Arthur! If you've somehow managed to get yourself killed in there after surviving six weeks of battle -

As Gwen wiggles to disentangle her limbs from his, Arthur mutters a low curse against Merlin.

"He's just looking out for you," Gwen whispers, straightening her bodice when her feet touch the ground. Arthur snorts as he bends to pull up his trousers.

"Actually," Arthur says, thinking of Merlin fretting on the trip home. "He's looking after himself."

"How can that be true?" Gwen asks, distracted as she reaches up to smooth his shirt across his shoulders. Somehow it almost seems more intimate, this natural act of hers, where he can feel the heat of her hands through his shirt, and relish the way they linger for a moment against his chest before dropping back to her sides.

He means to kiss her cheek quickly, but she's already sidestepped him and is almost dashing to the mirror. With a sigh, Arthur runs a hand through his hair to loosen the sweat stuck strands, and says, "He's looking after himself because he was concerned you'd have his hide for the wounds I'd suffered."

With that news, Gwen freezes in the midst of wiping sweat from her cheeks. "I see," she says quietly, and Arthur sees the ghost of her earlier anxiety cross her features.

"Guinevere...?" Arthur begins, but before he can do more than take a step towards her, Merlin's shouting, "Arthur! If you're still conscious, make some kind of noise!"

"Oh, for heaven's sakes," Gwen mutters, and turns to Arthur. "Maybe you should take a seat at the table? And then I can let Merlin in."

But Arthur frowns. "Merlin can wait -

Gwen shakes her head, though she smiles at him a little. "He's waited - and worried - too long already." She waves her hands in a shooing motion that makes Arthur want to kiss her all over again, simply because no one in his entire life had ever done such a thing.

Instead, he behaves, making his way to his chair and dropping himself down. But just before Gwen reaches the door, Arthur asks gently, "What happened while I was away?"

He watches as her shoulders tense, and hears as she sucks in a sharp breath. Gwen wraps her hand around the door handle, whispering, "Three days ago, we had word that you had died," and without giving him the chance to respond, opens the door.

Arthur leans sideways to take in the sight of Merlin: his hand is raised palm forwards, fingers splayed, feet firmly planted as though he's bracing himself for something. Merlin's eyes are so wide that Arthur actually laughs.

"What were you going to do, Merlin?" he taunts, although he can imagine Gwen's eyes rolling at his tone. "Use your arm as a battering ram?"

"No," Merlin says stoutly, straightening himself awkwardly and walking past Gwen into the room. "Just... I don't know. I hadn't thought it through. What were you two doing?"

Gwen clears her throat as she closes the door again, and Arthur meets her eye across the room. "Just... catching up with one another," he says, as mildly as possible. He relaxes when her eyes twinkle a bit at that.

"What were all those noises then?" Merlin asks suspiciously, this time looking around at Gwen.

She shrugs, walking towards the table and sitting carefully in a chair across from Arthur. "We were just talking, Merlin," she says innocently, and Arthur swallows a smile. She had never been very good at lying.

And indeed, Merlin looks far from convinced. "I heard strange noises," he insists, shaking his head. "Like, things banging about."

"I don't know how that's -

"I heard Gwen shout your name!" Merlin accuses fervently, looking pointedly at Arthur. His whole body tenses at that, and he senses Guinevere stiffen across from him.

Her hands land clasped tightly on the table. "You did?" she asks hoarsely, and Merlin nods.

"I... Well, that's because... I..." Gwen looks at Arthur stricken, who stares back just as much at a loss.

Merlin clears his throat, waits until Arthur looks at him, and then rolls his eyes. "It was because you two were arguing, wasn't it?"


"Well, if anyone is going to get Gwen so worked up that she has to shout, it's bound to be you, Arthur."

Irritated now, Arthur crosses his arms over his chest. "And just what is that supposed to mean?"

Glancing between he and Gwen, Merlin wags a finger in Arthur's direction. "Gwen. It's true, isn't it?"

Feeling extremely affronted, Arthur looks at her. Gwen is working her jaw uncomfortably, the telltale sign that she's holding something back. "Guinevere," he invites tightly.

"Well," she begins thoughtfully, looking up at the ceiling rather than at him. "Merlin does have a point. And it is true that we were just arguing. Which sort of proves him right, doesn't it?" She drops her chin then to look at him, and her lips twitch.

"I suppose there isn't much point in trying to deny it," Arthur says slowly, holding Gwen's gaze steadily.

Gwen licks her lips as Merlin nods in satisfaction, popping back out into the hall to gather the clothes he'd dropped in his attempts at getting through the door.

Arthur watches as Gwen takes her leave, and nods absently as Merlin prattles on about how he shouldn't have made her so upset when he'd only just returned from being away for six weeks. When Arthur looks up to meet Merlin's audacious scowl of disapproval, Arthur promises to make it up to Gwen in the near future.

He upholds his promise willingly. Arthur argues with Guinevere again after supper. More than once.
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