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I have little idea what of this is new-news, and what's already known, so have the lot ;D!

Way too tired to do a proper updatey update now, but to recap and unload my brain a bit:

- Alice Troughton directed the episode/one of the episodes we saw filming. Hai~ I now have a huge new girl crush.
- By all appearances, Morgana has Uther's ear for somewhat ~nefarious~ purposes
- Arthur continues to be emotionally stunted, giving shoddy advice after getting Merlin to ~talk~ by usual means of extravagant physical "practice" and threats of more hard labour.*
- Merlin and Gaius have a spat which leaves Merlin distracted and emo; see previous.*
- Arthur gets so worked up about something that he decides he must take it out on a practice dummy in the pouring rain while a melancholy Merlin waits in the shelter of an arch.*
- Morgana is going to join Arthur and Merlin on a quest; Merlin is apparently surprised.
- Possibly connected to the last, while Gwen gets lovely new clothes:


it appears as though she doesn't get to join in the gallivanting.

*other people have better photos of Angel than I do, and I'm ... 3819061% sure there are loads from today. The notes with stars beside are things that I have videos/photos of and will upload later.

Non-Merlin specific:
- Pierrefonds castle & village are stupidly beautiful, as in literally breath-taking... This tiny fairytale place asleep by 7pm if they wake up at all.
Eta: your proof, if it was required

- Nothing makes a person want to hardcore marathon S1 & 2 of the series than some set-visiting. My fingers are selfishly crossed that the weather this weekend is shitty so I have a good excuse.
- Dover ferry terminal is really creepy at half twelve on a Thursday
- Driving in France is not so scary; admittedly I was nowhere near Paris.
- Pierrefonds may be gorgeous beyond belief but there are many hills and many steps and much necessity to run up and down and all around to chase filming and thus, I depart for food and sleep.

Final fast note: All cast got their gifties~ Katie, Colin and Bradley were given them directly, Angel was feeling sicky last night and so we gave it to the crew to give to her. As reported by imigination (tyvm ♥!) here (eta: just actually read this entry, LMAO bahaha <3) via robinmarian's text today, she received her things and liked them :)
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