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the weather can't make up its mind and neither can i

My dad's visit was fantastic and I miss him again already! I took oodles of videos and photos and things and will get around to posting them eventually (Ferret racing! Hilarious! Totally caught on camera XD) and was left with a list of things the length of my left leg that I want to ramble about with my dad's departure.

Rather than start in on those, though, I bring fic. Episode 3.02 coda, in which Merlin and Gwen kind-of-sort-of-maybe-a-little-bit discuss Morgana.

Title: Like the Wind
Author: kepp0xy
Characters/Pairings: Merlin, Gwen, Morgana, Arthur. Gen.
Genre/Rating: G, episode coda, drama, angst
Spoilers: Episodes 3.01 and 3.02
Word Count: ~860
Summary: At the second banquet held in Morgana's honour, Merlin and Gwen observe the recently returned ward.

Author's Notes: Episode coda to The Tears of Uther Pendragon Part 2. Spoilers for episodes 1 and 2 of series 3.

But Merlin believes she sees weight and meaning in the golden threaded diadem that sits across her brow, just as it had that first night. No longer is it a mere adornment, but the furtive declaration of cold longing.

I hope you've all been lovely, lovelies! I've been bouncing haphazardly around my flist and LJ in general, and have been trying to catch up with various correspondences, and will hopefully soon be totally up to date! Have grand Fridays, each of you, and I hope that Autumn on your side of the world is a little more decisive than it is presently being in London ;) ♥!
Tags: fandom: fanfic, real life: family, tv: merlin

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