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I wanna talk about Merlin & The Changeling but my stuffed nose is telling me it's nap time, so I'm going to throw a bunch of recs at you instead.

The Maybe-You-Missed-These-The-First-Time-Round-and-If-You-Didn't-Why-Not-Revisit-Them-Now rec list! I'll only post the rating if it's high for sexin' or violence & they're divided into three themes: A/G, Other Ships, & Zombies.


1) Ever Mine by blackmamba_esq. So, she's written oodles since which are equally (possibly edging on more) stunning and certainly more A/G centric but this was the first piece of hers I read and it's become one of my favourite all-time Merlin fics because the characterization is pristine, the story show-possible (mostly) and the content incredibly evocative. Please be aware that it has got a warning for some dark themes. It has everyone, with a mostly focus on Gwen, and Arthur, pre-ship. Ish.

Summary: This is the type of thing your father says can never hurt you.

2) To a Lady in his Shield by and_i. This is ultimately a gen, Gwen-centric fic with nods towards Arthur/Gwen, Gwen/Lancelot and Elaine (of Astolat)/Lancelot. and_i has a really lovely and lyrical prose style, and is extraordinarily fair to the characters. I'd say this is very much a piece about Gwen, who she becomes as Queen and how her love develops from the choices she's made. I'm particularly fond of the discussion between Gwen and Elaine about past and present loves and reality of it. The piece is respectful and tasteful and I really can't recommend it enough.

Summary: None.

3) A Green Knight In Prince Arthur's Court, Or: Boys Are Stupid, Throw Rocks At them: Part One, Part Two & Part Three by dollsome. Epicccc. I'm pretty sure this has been rec'd everywhere at some point, but Imma do it again! This, too, is more a shades-of-ships fic (possibly I'm in that kind of mood, judging by these other recs? Heh.) with a nice OT4 & crack dynamic. The story sails along, with enchantments, testosterone and Morgana & Gwen getting to kick some ass throughout. It's a Merlin twist on Sir Gawain and the Green Knight which is fun. Basics, it's a romp with loveliness and sweetness and affection between everyone to varying degrees and I adore it.

Summary: In which the Green Knight proposes a beheading game, all the men in Camelot go bonkers, and it is, at long last, Gwen and Morgana’s turn to save the day.

4) Loud As Hope by heather. This is the loveliest story of OT3 Arthur/Gwen/Merlin I've come across. They're each of them balanced and unbalanced in their ways, perfectly characterized and just wonderful to and for one another. This piece is really very honest to each of them and to the complications of a threeway lovefest. There's oodles of love in the story, along with the mess of caring loads for people and not knowing quite how to handle that: the mess that love can be. Rated light R.

Summary: Three lonely people come together in the absence of the fourth.

5) Also, much more recently than any of the above, many things got written for the smut meme la_esmeralda_ and I ran. Many, many, maaaany lovely and hot and sweet things that are definitely worth checking out many times over. We've closed the challenge to prompts now, but on-going submissions are still most, most welcome. I think that all contributions were rated NC-17 and higher.

♥____♥ to you all who participated and made it so successful.

Other Ships

1) For the flame, for home again by dollsome. Arthur/Morgana. Set after 2x04. I suggest this is more about the bond Morgana & Arthur have than anything explicitely shippy - there are shippy undertones/nuances on the past, but they're overridden by Morgana's secrets and loneliness, and Arthur's secrets and angst. It's very true to both characters, in painful ways, and it's honest to the complications of their broken relationship. And it's written just beautifully. I pretty much take this as a canon deleted scene.

Summary: Arthur pays Morgana a late night visit.

2) Millions of Peaches by dsudis. Merlin/Arthur. Frankly, the first and only Merlin/Arthur-only fic I've read and it is utterly delightful. It's fun, and really lovely and speaks worlds to the boys's care for one another. Well characterized, with an appropriate side of crack, and just filled with affection. Aaaaand! It doesn't ignore that the girls exist \O/ Ultimately, it's fluff. But it's thoroughly enjoyable fluff. And secrets are revealed and embraced! And also there are peaches.

Summary: "I know what this is, Merlin."

3) Struggling to Find the Truth in Your Lies by netgirl_y2k. So. Netgirl. Basically I adore her writing to bits and pieces and if she were to only write a bit more Gwen-centric thingies, I'd actually offer first born children, life supplies of cookies, etc. As it is, her focus is primarily on Morgana which is 800% enjoyable as well, as evidenced in this rec, simply not my most oft chosen cup o' tea.
Anyway this fic sets off a list really. This is Morgana/Morgause, set in the Year That Was Never Shown, going through the hows. It's a really good look at Morgana's headspace post 2.12 and I'm also basically taking this as canon.

Summary: This Morgana knows: Merlin would have seen her dead and Morgause saved her life.

4) Were Your Looking For A Lost Magical Kingdom In That Wardrobe by netgirl_y2k. This is Merlin/Morgana, absolutely delightful for its lightheartedness. In a failed attempt to impress Gwen, Arthur gives her time off and sets Merlin as Morgana's maidservant. As to be expected, shenanigans! I love the balance of their relationship as its written here; it speaks so strongly to the possibilities of what Merlin & Morgana could have been that it's slightly achey to read it now, but ultimately the lightness and hilarity of Netgirl's writing overrides all that. It's lovely to see them mostly free in their magicks.

Summary: Merlin gives Morgana secret magic lessons, Arthur isn't exactly Casanova, Gwen has a secret plan and nobody gets ravished in a wardrobe.

5) You Held the World by netgirl_y2k. This is mostly gen fic, with an OT4 slant. Flufffffff of the most delightful kind; namely, a food fight.

Summary: "Merlin, I order you to throw food at Morgana."

6) Two Doctor Who/Merlin cross-overs of fabulousness by netgirl once again: Clarke's Law for Ten + Gwen/Morgana and traipsing across the universe whilst debating the existence of magic and the class system. And Donna Noble, King of Camelot for Donna. I think the title says it all, y/y? *_* Again, mostly cracky, thoroughly enjoyable and so well characterised as to make your head spin in delight.

Summary the first: The Doctor wasn't going to kidnap Guinevere and Morgana Le Fay from the planet of the poorly re-enacted Arthurian myths to be his travelling companions. At least, he wasn't going to kidnap them for very long.

Summary the second: Donna Noble takes over Camelot using her feminine charm, some sleeping pills and a giant magnet.

BASICALLY CAN I JUST LINK YOU TO HER MERLIN FIC TAG? I've missed so many and had a hell of a time even choosing the above. So... Peruse, bask, lounge in her fics next rainy afternoon. Go on. Doooo iiiiit.

7) Hospitality by entangled_now. Merlin/Gwaine, rated NC-17. Really lovely and gentle smutty fic for these two. It's short, but memorable, and with characterisation that's spot on. Also with mentioned previous Merlin/Lancelot :]]]

Summary: In which Merlin doesn't belong to Arthur, and Gwaine is naughty.

Zombies: I offer no excuses. Zombies pwn vampires and your other horror beasts 9 times out of 10, mmmmkay?

1) A Cautionary Tale About Tomatoes (and zombies) by netgirl_y2k Another Netgirl contribution of awesome. In this, Merlin has a fit, Arthur cuddles his sword, Morgana's dresses come in handy and Gwen solves the problem. This fic may actually be one of my favourites, ever, in the entirety of ... all fandoms to exist. And also, zombie tales.

Summary: Armed with two swords, a slightly dented helmet and a wooden spoon, our heroes fight zombies.

2) Undead by twoskeletons. Crack. Craaaaack. But excellent crack, featuring a zombie horde, Gaius with ~knowledge~, Morgana with logic, Merlin with magic and Arthur with... The dry wit and observances we know and love?

Summary: The night the zombie apocalypse came to Camelot.

If there are more Merlin/Zombie apocalypse fics out there, please to be telling me about them *___*

In other news, briefly, I spent last week employed doing overspill work in a production office (YAY MONEY), and this week with a cold (BOO).

Saturday was this delightful ball of craziness featuring a scattered meet-up with the extremely lovely starry_laa which included coffee, much interesting chatter, many tube rides and 45 minutes with la_esmeralda_. We must find opportunity for longer next time, girlie! Possibly also with less running ;) ♥! Then The Changeling happened and possibly all those in sound-range of my house were killed by the volume of crayford, la_esmeralda_ and my flailing. Also there was pizza and it was good.

Two nights ago, my mother became a (rather beautiful) graduate, I became a proud daughter, and I really need to send her a proper congratulatory card before noon tomorrow *makes note*

Interesting job prospectives arrived from places I'd actually be rather dangerously keen to work at; I applied in appropriate fit-of-nerves fashion this afternoon and will wait with baited breath to see if they deem me worthy. Presumably confirmation/rejection will come soon, as the position is meant to commence on November 1st so HJFDALK. Fingers crossed ;___;

Am now mooostly over my cold, except for snotty nose and that heavy kinda exhaustion that accompanies some winter sickinesses. Although I half blame the exhaustion on certain Vancouverites who keep distracting me into the wee hours of the morning with their chatter >.> ♥_♥

Next week brings more employment, shopping, exciting looking films aaaand museums. I've decided.

You peoples, I hope you're all doing absolutely splendidly <3333
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