April 6th, 2008

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A, B, C of growing up

*sigh of relief* Things are finally starting to wind down for the semester.  Crunchtime ends tomorrow and I'm in pretty good shape for it, and I think most people are too.  Which is good!  It means we're less likely to lose people in the coming semester to reasons other than their own.  I think I spent a grand total of 19 hours just editing the music video so far. (Omg, that's too much time.)  But now it's pretty much ready to go to DVD, so hurrah!

I was looking over things for second year, and got the final weekly breakdown...

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My main complaint this year, more than any other ever, is how friggen far away from everything I live.  When I worked at Kernels, it was a 40 minute commute, usually, and that would also cover going to visit pretty much whoever.  Now, to get to campus by driving, it's 45 when I'm speeding & lucky, usually more like an hour.  And the ride is alone (I hate driving alone! It's so goddamn boring).  From there, everything is at least 30 minutes, usually a bit more.  I hates it, precious.  I'm used to Richmond, where everything is at most 20 minutes away driving time.  40 minutes by transit if you're really unlucky.

It's made doubly worse, because short of winning the lottery or quitting school, I don't have the means to get the finances to move to a more accessable location. XP!  Hopefully by this time, two years from now, I will be in my own place in a great location with a nice, fuel-efficient car.  Much as I love Stacey, she's about $90 per week for gas.  Which is ridiculous!  Anyways, those are my goals. LOL -.-;

I think I've rambled on enough for one entry.  How's everyone else doing?  Is it crunchtime for you too?

ETA - meme stoled from alias_chick

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