April 9th, 2008

Celeb: Angel sepia curls

$22 million and rising.

I admit that I'm not a huge reality tv fan (quite the opposite, actually) but my mom and I accidentally stumbled upon American Idol : Idol Gives Back. They started with $15 Million from their assorted sponsors. Within an hour, they'd gained another 3 million from viewers. Probably 45 minutes later, they have $22 Million. PLUS, a fucking MP from the UK agreed to send two million mosquito nets at $10 a piece to Africa. That's $200 million. (Not directly to Idol, obviously, but in conjunction with).


I can't even believe how much money they've gotten. It's a freaking reality TV show about singers. Maybe because I don't watch the ... genre ... I didn't realize how popular they are. But even with that, the calibre of some of the people who took part (ie- Annie Lennox, Robin Williams & Brad fucking Pitt. Regardless of your feelings for the man, he's of a different mettle than other Hollywood celebs) and that British MP is blowing my mind. I fucking love this industry. It's so far reaching and has such unlimited potential. Fucking eh. <333!!

My philosophy is usually that we should put most efforts into fixing our own problems, that it would be a greater benefit to assist third world nations once that's done. Maybe that's a bit callous, to me though, a split focus probably helps less than it harms. The money from this event, if I understand correctly, is going to be split between Africa & the US of A. All going to children in need, I believe.

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okay guys. That's all I gotta say for now. I'm just gunna go and bask in my mind being blown in a phenomenal way. Much love. ♥