June 25th, 2008

Celeb: Angel sepia curls


Saw this one twice, first from shibbyfangirl then from papered so... two times the Who? ;D

When you see this line on your f-list, quote something from Doctor Who.

The Doctor: What makes his version of the truth any better than mine? Hmm? 'Cause I'll tell you what I can see: humans. Brilliant humans. Humans who travel all the way across space. Flying in a tiny little rocket into the orbit of a black hole! Just for the sake of discovery, that's amazing! Do you hear me? Amazing.
The Satan Pit

The Doctor: You get representations of the horned Beast right across the universe in myths and legends of a million worlds. Earth, Draconia, Vel Consadine, Daemos... The Kaled god of war, the same image, over and over again. Maybe, that idea came from somewhere. Bleeding through, a thought of every sentient mind...
Ida Scott: Originating from here?
The Doctor: Could be.
Ida Scott: But if this is the original, does that make it real? Does that make it the actual Devil?
The Doctor: Well, if that's what you want to believe. Maybe that's what the Devil is, in the end. An idea.
The Satan Pit

hmmm can you sense a trend? xp!

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