July 12th, 2008

Dr Who: Ten & Donna webcam quirky bff

let's go and liberate Paris.

I chatted with shibbyfangirl on the phone for a bit this morning.  It was fun talking with her about Japan and stuff, a good way to start the weekend.

After my first shift today, I'm going downtown with tater_mae and iheartkeys to buy stuff to make masquerade masks for the midnight release of Breaking Dawn heh-heh-heh.  It should be fun!  I've always wanted to attend a masquerade... though maybe with a handsome fellah, but this one will be lotsa fun too, I think!  I'm really curious to see how this book turns out, whether Myer shows what it's like for Bella to be vampy or not, and what Jacob ends up doing - if anything.  And of course, to get more Edward XD!

One thing I've noticed recently since I've been staying up pretty late at night, which means sleeping in pretty late too, that all my 'all right! let's go!' motivation seems to happen in the middle of the night.  I'll get all enthused about trying a billion new things and that the next morning with the rising sun I shall start on doing those things!  But then, the morning rolls around, I wake up slowly, get started slowly, and spend the day doing whatever before the middle of the night is upon me and that same motivated feeling comes.  Bah!  I've gotta somehow mix it up so that the energy happens in the daytime when it'll be fruitful.  *thinky face* I shall prevail!!!

*stretchy* Time for worky!  Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!