July 29th, 2008

SPN: Ruby 'stfu'

RE: weirdass jensenvention.com crap

I don't really know what's going on with it all, but it seems like the site runners were more than a touch ignorant naive regarding how their site content was viewed. If the questions of your "mean" or "hate[ful]" intent towards Jensen were sent in frequently enough to require an answer in your own faq (select text of which posted here) I think you should have been re-evaluating. And maybe looking up the definition of "satire"? That last is an actual question because i've only seen one of their videos, which wasn't satirical or mean, but just plain... well, dumb. It had more of - who I presume is - the site-runner than Jensen/promotion-for-Jensen. Whether legal action was too big a statement or not, it's how he chose to deal with the issue.

Now deal with the consequences of a questionable website and move the hell on.

The thing I hate most about Supernatural fandom, and the main reason I'm pretty much out of it now, is the amount of unbelievably immature and inexplicable wank that goes on. For whatever reason, everyone seems to think that everything that goes on is their business. I get having an opinion, hell, I have loads of them, but for wars to break out... GAH. Microcosm for society anyone? y/y?


I'm not exactly sure what my point was for posting all that... Apparently I just felt it needed to be said.

ps- omg! finally a reason to use this icon! \O/