August 2nd, 2008

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Friends Movie?

Maybe this is kinda old news, but I just googled to see if the rumours I heard are true, and apparently they are (linky). I think that's a horrible idea haha and I ♥ Friends to bits and pieces. It's my fall-back show, always. But it was one thing for Sex & the City to go from TV to movie, that was already originally an hour long show. Friends was made up of half an hour episodes that were good at half an hour. The longer episodes were built up to, they didn't just pop out of nowhere.

heh. I don't know if that pseudo-analysis makes sense. Maybe it's just my dislike of pure comedic movies that's tainting my view on this.

All that said, I'll probably end up watching it anyways, coz I do love the show. I still think it'll bomb, though. Content-wise.