August 25th, 2008

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today is gunna be an amusing day. i can feel it.

for the lulz!

I was talking with timeblind about fandom_wank for some reason - I don't remember what exactly now though LOl - and came across a bunch of HP vs Twilight links (...). Anyways, it lead me to the above gem. ETA: just realized I didn't actually say what the vid is: Harry & co being unimpressed with the delayed release date. /ETA I think it's a pretty good spoof & fairly well edited. Well worth a watch, especially if you're (rightfully) bitter.

So tonight I'm taking my cousin to see Mamma Mia. I'm actually surprisingly excited hahaha She's 10 and we've not really spent much Just Us time together. We're going to get dinner (please cross your fingers that she doesn't want McDonalds *dreads*) and then hit up the flick. TBQH, I'm not sure if Mamma Mia is appropriate for a 10 year old... not only content-wise, but also because it's sort of slow moving compared to most children's movies, but I suppose we'll see. If nothing else, the singing & dancing scenes should entertain.

I was this rather uncomplimentary spoof of Twilight fandom written to "Men in Black" by Will Smith which prompted me (of course) to get the song up on youtube to read to. It reminded me how damn catchy Mr Smith was. Next up? Wild, Wild West ;P! ♥

Also, 2/10 fics written. 1 DW, 1 rather blasphemous SPN fic. 8 more to go...