August 30th, 2008

SPN: Dean & Mary

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First things first: the Fandom Free For All gives you awesomesauce things! For one of my requests, I received this fantastic fic:

Title: Grown Man
Author: ambo
Summary: He shouldn't want to stay here, nothing about this was right...except that she was still alive and she needed groceries.

And it is so great. I don't talk about it much, since there really isn't much occassion for it in the show, but the Dean-Mary dynamic is my favourite. I adore that this woman who was only around for four years of his life made a huge and lasting impact. And I love that whenever he does see her, he gets tears in his eyes. It's probably my favourite relationship in the show (yep, even including Sam & Dean brotherly love). And so, the long and short of it: the fic ambo wrote captures those things well, I think. And there's a nice dose of angsty in there too. So go read! It's great.

Secondly, please go participate in the Fandom Free For All! It's so much fun and pretty much anything goes. I've found several things I'm going to work on for other folk and have already received several responses for my list. The number of comments is quite daunting, but (and maybe this is just my geekiness) I really actually like going through people's lists XD! So go and at least take a gander at the super fun mayhem. See if something catches your eye!

Next week is the damn tour with school. HONESTLY, not looking forward to the actual tour part; the part I'm most looking forward to is visiting alias_chick while I'm close by. It's been more than a year since I last visited but it seems like longer! So I'm mostly just looking forward to that. hehe!

Thus far, I have written most of my daily fics, though I admit I missed Thursday, but am going to write that off as a random hectic day and say it evens out because I wrote about three fics on Wednesday. heh-heh. I'm still debating whether or not to post these, since most of them are short, prompt-related and character-study-ish. Maybe I'll stick up one or two...

I was going to do a political rant, but I think I'll save that for a less busy post... =X

Lastly, one of my coworkers looks like a very young, very blond Zac Efron. *_* The first time I saw him, I had to stop myself from saying "... Zac?" and freaking him the hell out. Also, one of my other coworkers looks almost exactly like Vanessa Hudgens. If fake!Zac were older and fake!Vanessa not already in an awesome relationship, I would start to imagine their fake!Hollywood relationship and subtly try to encourage it. And honestly, I don't follow the real versions in the media; it would just be one of those... weird coincidences in which life must follow art. Or some such.