December 3rd, 2008

Celeb: Angel sepia curls

'cause my body's tired of traveling and my heart don't wish to roam

I slept for around 10 hours last night, which was weird and unexpected. I didn't think I was that tired, and yet I woke up at noon feeling refreshed, if not startled at the time ...

So my day of studying and proposal-writing is already off to a rubbish start. *sigh* I've decided that I'll study while at work, and I'll do the proposal-writing in the day time, that way I can't justify bringing my laptop to work as the writing stuff will be done.

Was looking through the spoiler pictures and spoilers [though those spoilers can be seen from the promo but whatever] for Merlin 1x12 at merlin_tv today. *____* can it be Saturday yet? This episode looks freaking epic.

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Merlin: Arthur

spammity spammity

I've decided that in order to buy myself the permanent account that will go on sale in 4 hours, I must first study half the material I need to know for my Law final. *nods* It is my plan.

And I write it here so that I can hold myself accountable T_T;