January 27th, 2009

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I've managed to get a random sort-of free day! What with the sudden flurries, our interview location had to change for the day, and the owner of the record store we're filming at wanted as small a crew as possible and so I'm not due on set until 5 pm now! \O/ It's a bit unfortunate as from our entire crew I'm probably one of the last in need of a break, but them's the breaks I suppose. And I intend on making the most of my unexpected time off.

The boy I liked last year revealed yesterday that over the summer he'd watched seasons 1-3 of Supernatural. ... I'm not interested in him at all anymore, but part of me was thinking that if he'd only revealed that information sooner, it would have set my heart atwitter. Weird how things change, eh? I mean, I was still thrilled that it "was actually pretty good... In a storyline kind of way" (does it seem that some people are ever worried about liking Supernatural? I've run into a few folks who behave this way. IT BAFFLES ME.) but yes, a year earlier and I would have been flailing all over the place. Ah well.

... Because I've completely lost the thread of this post... Poll time! \O/

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What do you update most about:

Real life
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Fanfic Authors; why do you write?

The characters just... talk to me.
To fill in blanks from the show.
To play in another 'verse.
To create scenarios that are unlikely to happen in the show.
Other, will specify in comments

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Merlin: Arthur/Gwen a glimpse

Fic: Fruit for Thought, Gwen/Arthur, 14A

Title: Fruit for Thought
Rating: 14A
Characters/Pairing: Gwen/Arthur
Warning: None
Summary: The four times strawberries brought Gwen and Arthur closer.

Author's Notes: written for the Gwen Battle Winter 2009" prompt: Strawberries & Cream hosted by thefuturequeen. Afraid I took rather more license with the "strawberries" part of the prompt but cream does show up near the end! Title assistance to tater_mae & subheadings provided by the musical stylings of Bitter:Sweet.

'If not Merlin, is there someone else you find interest in then?' Arthur asked, slightly amused smile still on his lips.