June 21st, 2009

General: 'fangirl mode 'on''

*dusts off eljay*

I went on a shopping spree at FutureShop! Only not really, as I set my limit at $72, but that still managed me three spectacular buys that make me want to cling to my television.

Disclaimer: A total lack of eloquence lies herein.

1. Roswell - Season 1 Collapse )

2. Star Trek Alternate Realities Collection Collapse )

3. Shaun of the Dead - I would do a cut on this, but I somehow don't think it's necessary. ♥ you, Simon Pegg.

In other purchasey news, I bought two books about living in the UK as a foreigner (although one deals primarily with the vernacular differences between British and non-British english. It's a very interested read.) And told my coworker my plans for heading over there, and when I plan to do it. She suggested I aim to live in Camden Town. Brits on my flisty, what say you of that area? She thought it was a good place because it was aptly culturally interesting & lively and fairly reasonably priced for living accomodation. I have to do more research on it, obviously, but it's somewhere to start :]

Stoked that Merlin is starting on NBC/CTV (in Canada) tonight! I've been postponing doing my own re-watch because of it. I can't say it'll be the same, though, given it'll have commercial breaks XP! But what can you do? It'll be interesting to see if fandom explodes a bit with new American fans or if it will stay the same.

I'm picking lovespring up from the airport tomorrow (!!!!) It's been a long time, but I am certain, longer for her.

♥ you all!