July 11th, 2009

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Ficmix: Gravity, Arthur/Gwen, G/PG

Title: Gravity
Author: kepp0xy; graphics by la_esmeralda_
Rating: G/PG
Characters/Pairing: Arthur/Gwen
Warning: One fic may toe the line of R with mentions of sexual experiences, but even so, I would say the fic remains PG at most.
Summary: Seven ficlets about Arthur and Guinevere's relationship, from the beginning.

Author's Note: The idea of a Ficmix was introduced to me by papered a few years ago. The idea is to create a basic fanmix, with added fics to sort of explain the songs. This ficmix has 7 ficlets to accompany 7 out of the 8 songs - "Don't Forget to Breathe" is a bonus, meant to be for sometime around Arthur's death.

All graphics are by the lovely and obliging la_esmeralda_, be sure to take a look at her gorgeous works and shower her in the compliments she deserves. Thanks so much for your help ♥!

Comments are ♥ & concrit appreciated.

Disclaimer: Characters belong to BBC, images belong to BBC, songs belong to their respective artists & the lyric samples too. If I owned any of these things, I would be spending my weekdays very differently.

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