September 20th, 2009

Celeb: Angel sepia curls

Merlin, baby, feed my addiction

I really liked yesterday's episode, and while there were a couple of... tchy-moments, overall it was good fun in typical Merlin sometimes nonsensical fashion. And it totally set up the rest of the season to be flipping awesome, IMO. But I'm easily pleased. (shut up, tater_mae) And I'd totally forgotten how much I missed having so much pretty on my TV.

Is it stupid to whine about being bombarded with tiny plot-bunnies due to short, no-sound, no-context clips/gifs and set photos? -.-;;;

Title: Untitled
Author: kepp0xy
Rating: G
Characters/Pairing: Arthur/Gwen, semi-unrequited
Warning: A bit of angst, minor spoiler warning in A/N.
Summary: Three less-than-drabbles inspired by the BTS gifs linked in the A/N.

Author's Note: I hadn't intended to post these because they were meant more as an outlet for my hyperactive, post-episode mind, but I enjoyed them more than expected, particularly the last, and thought I'd share! Based on staring incessantly at the gifs by peopleareshapes from the Behind-the-Scenes special, posted here.

spin me round again / and rub my eyes / this can't be happening