October 26th, 2009

Merlin: A/G talk to me

Fic: The King, He Waited on My Doorstep; Gwen/Arthur, everyone; PG

Title: The King, He Waited on My Doorstep
Author: kepp0xy
Rating/Genre: PG. Angst, humour, a touch of action/adventure, some awkwardness, and romance.
Characters/Pairings: Gwen/Arthur, Merlin, Morgana; a bit OT3/OT4 in the show, fairly gen sense of it; mentions of Gaius, Uther, Lancelot.
Spoilers/Warnings: Events of 2.02 & 2.04; see A/N for additional spoiler explanation
Words: ~10,656
Summary: The 10 ways Gwen falls in love with Arthur with bonus 11 - the one way she tells him.

Author's Note: There are 11 ficlets herein, some of which were inspired by various clips from promo ads and set visits. I don't even consider the pieces speculation though, and if you weren't aware of the spoiler-content to begin with, you'd never be able to discern which was spoiler-inspired and which was simply story :] Beta'd by and_i who always lends me her ear and her mind, for which I'm ridiculously grateful. Any remaining mistakes are mine. And I blame this partially on sellega ;P. Comments are ♥ & concrit appreciated.

She sees as he hesitates, studying her face in a way which would have confused her before, but that she has come to accept. "I'm worried," he admits softly, dropping his eyes to the ground.