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Hey all!
Since I just mentioned it to pheebs1, I thought I'd mention it here too: choc_fic is having another Character of Colour Love-Fest and prompt-claims are open now!  There's Supernatural prompts as well as a slew of other fandoms (The Office, Dr Who, Stargate, Hairspray, Harry Potter, Heroes the list goes on forever.  I'd pretty much say that if you can think it, it's on that list.).

A quick run down: each prompt has to be written on the day it's assigned (for example: if it's under the 'Feb 14' heading, you have to submit it on that day).  Anywhere the fic takes you is fine, as long as the character of colour is strongly featured.  The minimum (I believe) is 100 words, with no maximum and there's no limit to how many prompts you can claim.  The one thing to watch for, is that each prompt has a maximum of 4 claimants (2 for fic and 2 for art). Here's the

- Supernatural, Jake Talley: costumes - I'm just a man in a silly red sheet
- Supernatural, Cassie and Mrs. Robinson: grief - going on with their lives
- Supernatural, Dean Winchester/Cassie Robinson: heartbreak - love her and leave him
- Supernatural, Missouri Mosely: angst - her burden to bear
- Supernatural, Agent Henricksen & Dean (no slash): Has anyone ever told you you're a jerk?
- Supernatural, Gordon Walker: martyr complex - going down fighting
- Supernatural, Jake Talley: bravery in the face of danger - life during wartime
- Supernatural, Alex (Skin): bodyswap - what happened with him and Lindsey, after?
- Crossover: Stargate: Atlantis/Supernatural, Teyla Emmagan/Dean Winchester: disguise - If I could smile at anything you said, we could be laughing lovers
- Supernatural, John Winchester and Gordon Walker (gen): staring contest - Seems we have a difference of opinion
- Supernatural, Missouri Moseley and Bobby Singer: showdown - You're just a young 'un with a lot to prove
- Supernatural, Dean/Cassie & Mr Robinson: AU/counterfeit marriage - Cassie Robinson didn't dump Dean, and he moved back to Cape G with her, and went into business selling cars with her dad - until the monster truck showed up
- Supernatural, John Winchester & Missouri Mosely: a spell where one can't leave the other's sight - The one where John Winchester took Missouri dancing
- Supernatural, Missouri Mosley: Five things - "the truth shall set you free."
- Supernatural, Agent Hendricksen: grudgingly admit - on his quest to find Dean, his interviews with the people the Winchester's have helped
- Supernatural, Gordon Walker: soulmates - how Gordon got the little red car
- Supernatural, Gordon Walker: five things - Edged weapons: switchblade, sickle, ax, chainsaw, Arkansas toothpick - or whatever.
- Supernatural, Agent Henriksen & Danny Gunderson (Asylum) & various others: conventions (National Black Police Association.) - "You would not believe the crazy-ass story these two white boys were telling us last month"
- Supernatural, Victor Henriksen and Missouri Mosely: lost journals - Hendriksen is trying to track the Winchesters and comes across Missouri.
- Supernatural, Jake Talley and Ruby: mislead - silly rabbit, tricks are for kids
- Crossover: Stargate: Atlantis/Supernatural, Teyla Emmagan/Dean Winchester: mix-up - I heard the drums and I found my way
- Supernatural: Jake Talley: first day with the new powers - Go home British soldier go home/haven't you got a home of your own.
- Supernatural, Jake/Ava: bodyswitching - here there be dragons
- Supernatural, Dean Winchester and Jake Talley (gen): stuck - Ya know, if things had been different, I could see myself liking you
- Supernatural, Sam Winchester and Missouri Moseley (gen): slow burn - Sam seeks her out to ask a few questions.

26 total!  That's a boatload more than their last love-fest!

Prompt list one (Feb 1 - Feb 14)   Prompt list two (Feb 15 - Feb 29)

I'd really encourage any writers out there to take a look.  There's some great prompts!  I'm partial to this one "Supernatural, Jake Talley and Ruby: mislead - silly rabbit, tricks are for kids" *waggles eyebrows*

Anyhow, have fun if you do decide to sign up!
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