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09 April 2008 @ 09:18 pm
$22 million and rising.  
I admit that I'm not a huge reality tv fan (quite the opposite, actually) but my mom and I accidentally stumbled upon American Idol : Idol Gives Back. They started with $15 Million from their assorted sponsors. Within an hour, they'd gained another 3 million from viewers. Probably 45 minutes later, they have $22 Million. PLUS, a fucking MP from the UK agreed to send two million mosquito nets at $10 a piece to Africa. That's $200 million. (Not directly to Idol, obviously, but in conjunction with).


I can't even believe how much money they've gotten. It's a freaking reality TV show about singers. Maybe because I don't watch the ... genre ... I didn't realize how popular they are. But even with that, the calibre of some of the people who took part (ie- Annie Lennox, Robin Williams & Brad fucking Pitt. Regardless of your feelings for the man, he's of a different mettle than other Hollywood celebs) and that British MP is blowing my mind. I fucking love this industry. It's so far reaching and has such unlimited potential. Fucking eh. <333!!

My philosophy is usually that we should put most efforts into fixing our own problems, that it would be a greater benefit to assist third world nations once that's done. Maybe that's a bit callous, to me though, a split focus probably helps less than it harms. The money from this event, if I understand correctly, is going to be split between Africa & the US of A. All going to children in need, I believe.

Anyway, here are some clips if you missed it:

Robin Williams

Mariah Carey

Teri Hatcher & "That Band on TV" (or smth like that. It's made up of Greg Grunberg, Jesse Spencer & James Denton, or those're the 3 I recognized)

Brad Pitt (there's also a video of his work in New Orleans but I can't find it)

okay guys. That's all I gotta say for now. I'm just gunna go and bask in my mind being blown in a phenomenal way. Much love. ♥
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victoria: [sga] john/teyla; hot zonetimeblind on April 10th, 2008 05:42 am (UTC)
... split between Africa and USA? *scratches head* There's something very wrong with that... I think. I mean, yeah, there are kids who are in need of aid everywhere on Earth, but the USA is physically able to help its own people.

I think the money should be given to those who need it the most within countires classified as "third world"... because I can't imagine this happening in the States.
kePPy: General: quiet morningkepp0xy on April 10th, 2008 10:05 pm (UTC)
I don't think there's something wrong with that... America does have the money to get it done, but the government isn't doing the job, which means that those who need the help are reliant upon charities and such, which is what the Idol event was aiming to be.

And perhaps things in the States aren't that extreme, but there are a hell of a lot of improvements to be made in terms of education, and yeah, they do have many malnurited (sp?) and homeless kids. Also, realistically, the money would need to be extra carefully monitored if it all went into Africa since those recieving it can't be trusted to distribute it fairly - or at all (I mean the political leaders).

*shrugs* I stated my opinion above, that countries should have most of their focus on their own problems before reaching out to others, so I'll automatically be biased on this & think the Idol approach is good. A split is fair, in my opinion.

I could also be wrong about how Idol's doing it. It was more that their spots were a split between Africa and poor States.