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Wow, it's been ages since I've posted!  School's out, not much has been going on, mostly just hanging out with people and watching copious amounts of TV.  I revisited Season 1 of Bones (<3!) and am almost done Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - which, btw, is a terribly good show that was probably too smart for most people (although I will admit that they sometimes lean a bit too much on the personal relationships of the characters, but what show doesn't?) and maybe a bit too "behind-the-scenes" realistic?  Who knows?  Regardless, I think NBC was foolish to cancel.

Anyway, I actually came here to post snippets of a job posting on craigslist.  Since school let out, I've been perusing them to sniff out some stuff I can do and came across a posting for a "Production Coordinator".  From this posting, I'd love to work for these people!  But I can't do a full time position heading into second-year so for now, it's out.  Anyways, here's some of the things they said:

A busy production facility specializing in animation (note: we do not draw) needs a bright, energetic person with an active brain and a mind like a trap for a full time position.

This high-pressure office environment requires a human octopus with keen computer and interpersonal skills... Exemplary English and grammar skills a must!

LOL! I love the use of the word "exemplary" in a job posting.  Le sigh.  If everyone in industry is as spunky as this firm (though I doubt it, because they're animators and artists???) then I am damn well in the right industry.  Teehee!
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