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23 June 2008 @ 01:37 am
Just finished watching Secret Diary of a Call Girl.  I was surprised how much I enjoyed it, really.  It's not the type of show I'd normally be interested in, but because Billie Piper was starring, I thought I'd give it a go.  These are thin initial thoughts ahead: do not expect anything overly profound ;D

Obviously as the name implies, there's a lot of sex.  And I wish that I could say it was gratuitous or unnecessary (I'm a bit of a prude really.) but considering the title, I can't.  There was a lot of sex, often quite explicit, but all with good reason and it generally did actually move the plot along, and was done with a degree of consideration to the type of sex being shot (ie: it was not porn).  It followed "Belle's" night-to-night life, as well as Hannah's day-to-day, showing the difficulty in balancing her two lifestyles.

What I found particularly interesting was the twist that she actually did enjoy what (and who, I suppose ;) she did.  She was a prostitute because she loved sex and she loved money.  Period.  It was definitely interesting to see a different side from the general "cheap whore" stereotype.  Her clientele were varied and interesting, as were her interactions with other prostitutes and her friends & family.

I would recommend it to those who 1. don't find a show about a prostitute offensive, 2. want to see a different perspective, and 3. want to watch something that's definitely off from the norm (there's not a chance in hell that this would show up on NBC or some such, for example).  There are eight 20 minute episodes; I think I got the torrent from mininova.

I enjoyed it overall, I will admit.  Though I gotta add that I think it'll take me a bit to look at Rose the same way again hahaha
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