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As per daily posting goal:

I finished Doctor Who Season 3 & the finale was quite good! 
Can I just say, traveling with you, I love it I absolutely love that Jack is the Face of Boe.  Freaking awesome, I'll have to go back and watch the episodes with the Face of Boe again to see, but even if it doesn't exactly make sense, I adore it anyways.  What a nice, fun twist.  And it does clarify why FoB (LOL) kept calling the Doctor friend, though they'd only supposedly met 3 times total.  Then again, I wouldn't call it hard to call the Doctor friend really, considering the life&death situations he's in all the time.  Bound to bring people together, that. ;D

So, that aside, I really did enjoy Season 3 quite a lot.  Martha... semi-grew on me.  I'm still not sold on her fabulousness, though I'll admit she can be heroic.  Her personality just... grates on me a bit.  She's a bit too hero-worshippy of the Doctor, I think.  And this is going to sound like such a shallow, bitchy reason, but her laugh&scream make me cringe.  Gah.  I admire that she gets the job done though.  And she's very sweet.

The Master... *blinks* I knew that he was an upcoming baddie, but I was sideswiped by his appearance.  (Finally a season I wasn't totally spoiled for hahaha)  And man am I loathe to admit this but... I sort of liked him X_X evilness aside, he was a bit awesome LOL Completely psychotic, but had that same boundless energy that the Doctor has when he's excited.  It was fun seeing them play off of each other, and knowing that his actions didn't actually stick in the end.

Okay, time to watch Voyage of the Damned XD!
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