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quote sources

1. "hello."
Origin: Doctor Who
Character/Speaker: Doctor quasi-catchphrase; his companions
Episode/Chapter/Song: A lot of them...

2. "that is so human. where angels fear to tread."
Origin: Doctor Who
Character/Speaker: Doctor
Episode/Chapter/Song: The Impossible Planet

3. "I am the Bad Wolf.  I create myself. I take the words, I scatter them in time and space ... A message to myself to lead myself here ... I can see the whole of time and space, every single atom of your existence, and I divide them."
Origin: Doctor Who
Character/Speaker: Rose
Episode/Chapter/Song: The Parting of Ways

4. "He's like fire and ice and rage. He's like the night and the storm in the heart of the sun. He's ancient and forever. He burns at the centre of time and he can see the turn of the universe. And he's... wonderful."
Origin: Doctor Who
Character/Speaker: Timothy Latimer
Episode/Chapter/Song: The Family of Blood

5. "I think about it every day. And I do my best to be brave."
Origin: Supernatural
Character/Speaker: Dean
Episode/Chapter/Song: Dead in the Water

6. "Hope's kinda the whole point."
Origin: Supernatural
Character/Speaker: Sam
Episode/Chapter/Song: Roadkill

7. "I'll stay with you/ the walls will fall before we do/ take my hand/ and we'll run forever/ I can feel the storm inside you/ I'll stay with you"
Origin: Let Love In Album
Character/Speaker: Goo Goo Dolls
Episode/Chapter/Song: Stay With You

8. "take a sad song and make it better... / for well you know that it's a fool/ who plays it cool/ by making his world a little colder"
Origin: Hey Jude Album
Character/Speaker: The Beatles
Episode/Chapter/Song: Hey Jude

9. "... all human wisdom is summed up in two words, "wait" and "hope"."
Origin: The Count of Monte Cristo
Character/Speaker: Edmond Dantes/The Count
Episode/Chapter/Song: Good question.  The final one?  I'll double check.

10. The Doctor & Cyberleader... "Mind you, hope's a good emotion."
Origin: Doctor Who
Character/Speaker: The Doctor and the Cyberleader
Episode/Chapter/Song: Doomsday

11. Choronzon VS Morpheus... "I am hope."
Origin: Sandman Graphic Novels
Character/Speaker: Choronzon demon and Morpheus Dreamlord
Episode/Chapter/Song: Hm. Good question.  TBA
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