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In today's post, I will refrain entirely from discussing Doctor Who because I'm still not certain on my thoughts, really.  And my heart is still achey.  Silly, little fangirl that I am.

I bought three plants today!  I've decided that my room needs a little something ... colourful/alive/scented?  I'm not sure.  I just wanted to wake up every morning and be able to look at something beautiful.  Not being at all a plant connoisseur, I can only say that I have one plant that produces tiny purple flowers and a gentle sweet-ish scent; and then two flowers that look kind of like carnations (I actually knew the name of that one! ;) one is pinky/purpley and the other is yellow.  I've never tried to have plants before, and my parents are opposites in terms of plant-maintanance... My dad has a large collection of flowers that are blooming like mad on his deck, my mum struggles to keep a gift-plant alive.  So, we'll see whose instincts I got soon enough.

Also after doing that book meme, I've actually got a hardcopy of a list of books that I want to read through, so I intend to get to Chapters or wherever soon to purchase a few of them.  I have a weird thing where I really want to own the books; borrowing them from the library isn't happy.  ... heh. That said, it's okay to borrow books from friends... I guess because at least then they own it?  I have no idea.  Maybe I'm a weirdo book snob or something.  Is that normal at all...?!?!?

Tomorrow, I'll clean my room and replant all the flowers into one pot and into my room. hehe!

ETA1: SGA Teyla fans, what happened to tielan?  Her lj's been deleted?  Is this startling or were people aware of it coming?
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