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Last day in my week of posting every day and I'm getting up a post just under the wire!

I planted my flowers today and was startled to realize that I really and truly do not have a clue as to how to maintain a plant.  It's not even like it can fake!talk to you if it's displeased (like a pet, I mean).  I am therefore quite scared that I'll kill the poor buggers *_*!  But we'll see how it goes.  Sheesh.

I also spent almost 10 hours just reading today.  It was so nice.  I haven't just sat down with a book in ages.  Probably not since Harry Potter 7, though this book was nowhere near that callibre.  But I enjoyed it immensely. Does mean I have an awful lot of chores to do tomorrow though...

I think that I'm going to make a goal for myself, to experience one new BC-ish thing per remaining week of summer vacation... I'm not sure how to accomplish that exactly, but i'll be sure to write about them XP

Fire alarm blared again today, only to be proven yet another false alarm.  Also, it took me probably about 10 minutes to get out of my apartment, and was waiting for another 5 outside before the fire fighters got there.  15 minutes?  I dunno, I would've thought that a fire could do a hell of a lot of damage in 15 minutes... =/  It makes me a bit worried, TBQH.  But then again, I always hear that fire fighters are always the first to a scene, so ... I dunno! Maybe this is an exception somehow?  Or maybe 15 minutes is fast (I find that distressing, if that's the norm, really.)  I don't know. =/
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